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Price is Right... for some people


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Some guy was trying to sell me Good Signet.



Astral 17+

Moon 17+

Mana around 16+



He wanted either 40K or 200 MC. Another guy wanted 50K or 600 MC. So pathetic.



So just wondering if anyone on EU-Emerald MOUNTAIN CLAN selling the same ring FOR A CHEAPER RIGHT PRICE. Majortiy of the people I asked said around 10K is right. My username is Wyatt. Just PM me.



Also anyone else trying to look for things to buy or sell POST!

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omg lol i not a druid so i got no idea of price but a sappirre spammer was pricing it 200k lol :rofl: on trade chat...lololol

n u know there was a peron who dint even knows meaning of k ..like 5k=5000

he said he selling rainbow sweats x20= 1300k lol

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I want buy it also. Just 10-15k each. I sell 1200 Mc costumes for 20k. On the server are to many greedy players.  :bad: If anyone are not so greedy so do i. Then pm me. 10-15k.



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Gagalady from sapphire here..

Kos my big bro, thre r overpricers everywhere and generous people too. 200k seller was an epic freak-noob

im a druid, i kno its 30-35k max

smone was sellin for 22k too..

i bought druid aa cape of 50k+ at 20k frm a frnd

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