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  1. Shield will be available on MCoins Shop, this shield throwable like captain america shield... ;) Non dodge multiple target of Ranger? OMG... but i assure it will give only max 200 dmg like throwing knife rogue and banner pala, right GM? Lets richest player try and buy new skill then write down in forum for poor and baby crying player choose it. Nice update... cant hardly wait...
  2. I think its never ending story of battle of Druid and Shaman, those are two strongest sorcerrer in game. Pvp between druid and shaman are always a great show in pvp cave. With this nerf of druid, pvp will be more challenging, because earthquake of shaman sometimes dodge or miss but druid tornado never miss/dodge.
  3. Congratz to perfectelf finally can beat AoA !!! Its a team work not spamming tickets and pots only.
  4. I was planning to add new priest expert skill, when i use book oblivion to reset all skill, then something wierd happend. I Give u screen shoot. I play using Samsung S4. Already download game from game client server. Please help fix it. I cant even use my valor aura..
  5. Finally, something BIG CHANGES happened.... can't wait till it happened, please prepare our smartphone, tabs, iPad, etc...will consume more space and memory also good internet connection. :D
  6. you re asking about new skill ? but your signature said you deleted your char?!?!? :dirol: :dirol: :mega_shok:
  7. yes true, very bad lag especially play in US Sapphire Server. Please Fix It ASAP... :pardon: :pardon:
  8. JAW clan leader & Hot Kid wakilnya??? ikutttttt :dirol:
  9. who is char name of clara? dont post 'sad' news if its hoax.... :unknw:
  10. Go GO Go DEv..... I Mac Lovers wants to play Warspears Too :clapping: :clapping: :drinks:
  11. OMG.... so sad to hear This Sad Announcement.... :cray: :cray: :cray: MY Desi (PatahHati) soul Rest in Peace, where last place is Heaven... Bye :cray:
  12. Gouge no need to block or dodge, it sometimes fail to do.... ;D Trap also sometimes fail, so no need to dodge or block... :drinks:
  13. GueGuejr

    My stuffs

    All enchant bonuses debuffer ??? how many times needed to enchant to earn critical bonuses? you're very rich..... :good: :good:
  14. So sad to hear you scammed.... :'( PVPRANGE, how come you become no.1 notorious player in sapphire ??? :facepalm: :facepalm:
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