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  1. yea that's hillarious, doesnt it feel great to kill such brainless punch-bags :D. thats why i made this post, here we brag about our noob amps and pro game-play. hope it motivates low-amped people. i wud appreciate if u post some SS of killin some shiny-weps guys :give_rose: :blush: this pic of a noob-bd as they say (2800def, 281 atak, lv18), who killed a better lv19 bd, plus point being the regen factor :D
  2. Well with over-amp and imbalance stuff, i find it truly fair to take mean measures[/color] to kill over-amped/rich noobs. Its totally fair if u kill any class buy using any equip or any skill with any strategy, main motto is to win. i find those people pathetic who cry after fight, whining this "you root-run-heal-attack" :wacko: . I cant help it but spread this thought: it only matters to win, anyhow (fair means). when amped people find it fair to kill a +4 or below guy with their +8 or above weps i bet they jump on their fat*** ;D and cheer themselves to get what they paid for, while we do the same with wit. What they really dont know is killin an amped guy with bare skills and still winning :yahoo: is the real fun. SO SAD THEY WILL NEVER HAVE THIS FEELING :cray: . PITY THEM (EVERYONE KNOWS THERE ARE JUST A FEW AMPED GUYS WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY :wacko: ) :aggressive: Mr. KUZMITCH YOU DONT WORRY ITS NOT A COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GAME :blush: THIS POST GOES FOR APPRECIATION OF THE REAL GAMEPLAY OF SHEER GAMING AND NOT THE FACILITIES THAT PEOPLE BUY WITH THEIR MONEY BECAUSE THEY ARE TOTALLY DUMB OTHERWISE. SS from the game regarding pvp, arena or any unusual thing for a leass amped/unamped player are welcome here. i got this idea too late so dont have much fotos. The hunt for these SS starts. lets set an example people ::) ;) P.S.= 1. please dont ♥♥♥♥♥ against my thoughts for the rich noobs who hold sword with blades facing their own face :bad: . if u do, u r one of them :lol: :lol: :lol: 2. better call it a brag post for the low-amped/unamped people. click fast i wanna see the real talent in game :friends: :drinks: :pleasantry: :clapping:
  3. looks nice bt the druids staff seems to b have appearance like staves :( . how bout v hand stave like sanctuaries goblin master :D ;D
  4. GaGa

    why 1 shudnt b an mc

    no complains snowy. u r sm egoistic kid who finds showing others down :D :facepalm: :facepalm: im lv17 and i cn kill most non mcoiners.. except for bg set i have everything on a 238 heal and +5 staff, with a hard-earned gold and no mcoin support...u want to show that personally ur shaman is superior then ok, yea u may b.. :unknw: :unknw: the complain is just about this..ultra rich kids will never experience that friendship between factions which old players feel...its less in elf side and i can say this becoz hi-lvl guys limit the newbs...but the unending pressure frm mc side will break the inter-faction bonds :( and dnt show like ur sm super-shaman MY FRNDS EISHA AND MANY OTHER DRUIDS CAN KILL U IN 3 HITS (need i not remind the pvps 2-0 and she was only 20%damaged), SO TAKE THIS DRUID-SHAMAN GRUDGE TO OTHER POSTS. ALL I WANA SAY IS U R LV18s, U GUYS SHUD HAVE COMmAND OVER UR PEOPLE.
  5. i vote for urs :D:D:P:P freeeeee-eeeeeeeeek-in-osammma :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. +10 people r less but i know alot of people who have +9 in sapphire namely lilarexi , vestorya etc...vestorya mayb +10 now Many of saphs have +10 too but thy hide :Dbt druids like callie and perezkilla r pride of sapphire :blush: +10 on staffs :D proud that im on their good side :rofl: :rofl: ... i heard about a guy radio-something (name) has +9 on all equip must b some rich super fat :pardon: :blush: lol
  7. GaGa

    why 1 shudnt b an mc

    alonso and combustion8, guys im talkin bout what if out of 10 mc 6 r ur known frnz who dnt atack, but 4 of them start it and kill sm elf and create chaos...atm thre are ultra noob freakz who r lv18 and dnt know wt is "repute" what is "faction" but they can buy anything they want.... at least in elf boundaries most people listen to us....when our frnds needed co-op at horror or something we helped for there quests, we tell people to not atk our allies and they didnt...but those headstrong mcs wont get the hang of it
  8. GaGa

    why 1 shudnt b an mc

    ok call me crazy after reading this, im 8months old here and still lvl17 (used to c my idols harass and legionn in trade chat when i was lv1 :D )...coz im superlazy i get bored with collection dailies..i know the mc side is very gloomy and thy r anger-packed, but those mc in frst pic are our frnds in second and third too...we let a shared farm at aa and let em have grinch too, but the two freaks spart. and cutiee started the war idk why.. :diablo: :diablo: windlass, ;) dear i hope u agree when u get elder while playing, u make frnz in other faction too who dnt attack u on any passing by or unless thy have quest..but some noobs who buy from mshop all daily items, level up fast and dnt learn this understanding of co-existence :( :( ... and for what its worth, u justified my statement, "why not to be an elf" coz mc side provokes u to establish that mc r stronger than elfs, but all thy prove is thy r stingy and villainous, while elves r elves at heart O:-) O:-) :drinks: :friends:
  9. wt do i get to sign up :'( y im not in it :( :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :( :( :(
  10. GaGa

    why 1 shudnt b an mc

    first of all its not complain...its just a show of how thy behav bad wen thy chose bad and a few creeps make bad fame for respectful pro guys
  11. elf cuz thy r sane and full of life...elf world is fun, mc world is nasty stinky n gloomy :P +elf look haaawwt:D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. GaGa

    why 1 shudnt b an mc

    i know, sm people r good, bt to control over that extent when moles like spartanss intrigue u to kill is called a frndship
  13. GaGa

    why 1 shudnt b an mc

    cutie, idk wts with u..like a useless stingy wasp, u cmpete with low lvls :facepalm: . secondly xspartanss, u started it chicken, u live on radioheart's mcoins...still i own u everytime..its people like u who turn nice people to freaks...ur life is over on elf lands in any of ur hero.... :diablo: :diablo: there r people like kickz, jeheweler, warboy, knightz, chronoz, goarthur etc that earn respect in a way...v can own u bt we arnt noob kids who get happy for a kill n run around clappin ol day... Advice: go socialize a little and rest ur soul :lol: :lol: :friends: :drinks: NB:not saying cutiee is a great player :pleasantry: . just that she is violent at calm places n attacks frndly peopl too..
  14. :( I think this puts a direct effect on ur way of thinkin: being an mc. idk bt i guess u guys think more negative than usual. i have seen supercool elfs people :drinks: that never kill mcs and live at peace untill quests or war. being an mc puts u to a centre of negativity. u think like a damn twistd mind :tease: :spiteful: :wacko: and do ♥♥♥♥♥y things to screw others. i know that the game is based on the two group tussle but when one group is good with u, u shud return the favour or at least learn to behave. if u choose to b mc, ur loss, u will b an arrogant person, unless u kno how to control it.... i got example: sm old frnds who switched mc class frm fb, talk trash to their old frnz now, n do stealing farms etc...heres a watchful scene how thy betray our trust again and again
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