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  1. I like to see the kids flame and hate :D they are so cute :D WoG (Warriors of Gay) nice low clan :D only gamerjunkies. See you cowards and victims. I go look tv and laugh about you no life cry kids ;) Have fun Greetz the bad bad Pueppi the only one. V zum A scheiß stricher mcs.
  2. Every day the same poor answer :D Weak guys and you Knox you have many chars :bad: Get a real i just like to worse kids like you guys. The game is your life ;) and i laugh about you all jokes. CHange my karma wuhu now you are strong :D :give_rose:
  3. And the kids, flamer, nolifer, junkies and hater, cryin forward :D lmao i cant for laughing :D this game is so funny :D i feel pain of laughing :D everyday holy shit :rofl:
  4. Crybaby? Stfu and disturb another one. See you on igno stupid ......
  5. I dont play it 1 week ;) but thats not the thing. I like it to worse little Kids but now they cry to much. Every day the kids cry and in a few hours mummy come and say to him "into the bed now you gamejunkie". I laugh about the flamer and hater ;) Hunt me and be happy kids. You are all jokes nothing more. Have fun with Cry and change my karma ;) you are so hard wow *irony* :facepalm: :facepalm: what is vandetta? lol learn to write kid go to shool as to play a game and make of hard. I have a good real i dont need the game like you kids ;) you can flame and cry and hate me how much you w
  6. Pls cry more like Knox and the other Kids every day. PLS CRY MORE crybaby. To many kids ingame :facepalm: Nice clan your member must go sleep early because mum say it.... you all are jokes
  7. Lol you guys should happy. Its a new update. Create self a game than you can cry about no new level or island or items.... omg.... :facepalm: Nice job Aigrind. Omfg to many kids here. For next update i wish me 1vs1 arena and that the game is x-rated with id control
  8. Hihi :lol: :lol: Hate me all its whatever ;) I like it to worse little kids and you all cry like babys ;D Crossfit i killed you many times and in 1vs1 you loose, i always wait of you but you are always hide little noob rogue. And then you run. I wrote with Spanish normal hes not a Coward like you guys. Day go away with your low druid ;) and now cry forward kids ;) i laugh when i read your posts ;D :lol: :lol:
  9. Cute and now? Its just a game, kid. You living in this game like many other ppl ;) Poor sad souls. Your flame every day are so sweeet :blush: :clapping: :good:
  10. Ok boss :tease: Iman und Eregion kommt mal in den Chat Emerald
  11. Sweet little kid :give_rose: Really cute ;)
  12. Hello. I search now since 3 weeks for a Light Sash and 2x Good signet. Nobody sell it or drop. Light Sash (Purple heal belt) 2x Good Signet (blue rings) It would be great if somebody have this things for sell :) Not to greedy pls :) It would also great if somebody want to hunt this things with me :) Greetz V
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