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Magical Death Knight Adjustment


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    As everybody knows, the Magical DK became a popular build (even though the class itself is not that popular). However, it has some problems, and these problems affects a bit the gameplay of the class.

    I already made a topic about changes in the Knight's Curse skill, the main damage skill of the Magical DK, now, i'll talk about the single-target skills of the class:


stun.jpg.c8958dfb7d69e2df234dc50f77eef04d.jpg Exhalation of Darkness:

  • Increased the stun duration by 1 second in all skill levels.
  • The debuff can be applied to the target if Sharp Shadow is used while on the effect of this skill.


sharp.jpg.0c63f26d45c6997471424e93468a2c60.jpg Sharp Shadow:

  • No longer stuns the target.
  • The attack can no longer be resisted.
  • Option 1: The attack can no longer be blocked/dodged/parried*.
  • Option 2: If using this skill while on the effect of Saturation, it can't be blocked/dodged/parried*.



Since it is a ranged skill, i don't know if it can be parried because i never tested it, but probably not.



  • Easier application of Exhalation of Darkness.
  • You won't just lose HP if activating Saturation before Sharp Shadow, since it would have 100% chance of hitting the target.



  • You would lose 2.5 seconds of stun, since Sharp Shadow on 4/4 stuns the enemy for 3.5 seconds.


What do you think?

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The only viable change to Shadow is to increase the hit rate by 100% on 4/4 instead of 80% (which in addition to the possibility of dodging can fail the stun), otherwise the skill works perfectly. Remembering that it is a skill that does 350% magic damage with a relatively low cooldown.


Regarding Darkness I agree. Stun shouldn't count as a normal Stun.

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22 minutes ago, Filipe Ramon said:

The only viable change to Shadow is to increase the hit rate by 100% on 4/4 instead of 80%

Do you mean Stun Chance?

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1 hour ago, Filipe Ramon said:


I still don't think it would help too much :piggy: 


My suggestion was to make this skill full PvE so you could heal yourself without the fear of losing 10% of HP and the enemy dodging/blocking/parrying it

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  • 2 months later...

I also built a magic dk, but now there are several problems bothering me. Knight curse and sharp shadow will be resisted, while dark breath will be evaded.This makes it impossible for me to do enough damage in myth sea。

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