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Warlock, thoughts and opinions.


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Warlock, its a classic. Useless in small scale (Thanks to certain skills and the addition of resistance) But absolutely horrendous with large scale (If there is more than 15 in the location then whatever you are fighting don't really stand a chance). 


Its known everyone complains about warlocks when they are the user of the warlock. "resistance ruined warlock" "Bladedancers 1 combo me" "rangers blow me up before I even get the chance to use fear" the one I hate most "Sick of Dark circle never working because of PoS" Actually talking about warlocks is hard from everyone's point of view unless you've played it for a long time and adjust yourself to the shitty bugs and resistance struggles currently surrounding us. 


It's not that bad! But there's room for improvement.

191679424_Warbuffrelax.png.1cc6333f8d5e98a15b20083f9b964db7.png < Warbuff 4/4 relax - Warbuff 4/4 relax 15% pot + 15% scroll >   260056865_potsnbuffs.png.7cc5a759a710496fe20b43fae18196b5.png

I've noticed this has been mentioned a lot in some other posts here that warlocks aren't sorted after for dungeons due to the lack of damage compared to other classes such as a +7/8 hunter but one thing Ill say now is that's not true. Despite the past nerfs to Shadow sphere Ive still managed to cap out my damage and carry my parties in dungeons and I also keep up with +10 hunters and +10 rogues (That have used a few books mind you). Its hard to believe but in the future Ill give everyone a peak at how fast I actually nuke mobs and how fast I can melt a bosses health bar using skills no warlock really uses. 

I went from hitting 10k (10000)+ Shadow spheres on land to hitting low 6k (6000)+ spheres since the changes which yes really hurt to see but I wont complain too much like I was. If I was to make an impact and change how a few things on warlock from a PvE point of view which I know a lot of people who prefer PvE over PvP Id suggest 3 skill changes. 1) Bloody tribute I mean the DoT is nice until the target uses a skill. If I had a say make it stay on the target for 10 seconds and do damage for the whole time instead of removed once a skill is cast. 2) Grimoire Honestly I hate this skill I've never used it in any situation. Maybe changing this to another AoE DoT would be amazing. And last of all 3) Shadow sphere put it back to how it was before patch. It was really the biggest part of the DPS kit but not its just bleh takes SO much work to even get it to hit 10k now.


PvP and how it feels?

Honestly... 3v3s 1v1s 2v2s feel like the biggest waste of time for me when vsing elves. Resistance, Skills, Scrolls, Pots really just don't feel useful in those situations. Now I have no clue how to fix this other than being a typical MC player and say nerf those classes that outshine like Bladedancers/paladins/druids yadda yadda you've all heard it before but other than nerfing or buffing the warlock to high heavens there really is no fix to this. BUT LARGE SCALE WAR O my this is the joy, watching 20/30 even 40 warlocks band together and honestly completely STOP  4 guilds like we did on SA - Sapphire war day was honestly the best feeling I've ever felt and watching it unfold was truly one hell of a sight.


Im more than open to ideas that allow warlocks to be more useful in arena but I really don't see it happening anymore. But warlocks really need to be proud to be able to be absolutely annoying in large scale to the point where if others really looked at the stats behind wars that warlock dark circle would be the biggest impact period. 



Over all thoughts..

There's work needed no doubt. Classes get more attention than warlock no doubt. I want to see more warlocks and I want to see more warlocks pushing for greatness as a team, as a unit just as a united race. Warlocks really are the underdogs or the war scene. Your guild struggling? just find yourself 20 warlocks to fill 20 slots and bang you can change every fight you have. 


Really though its easy to hate playing the class as it was once the strongest control mage in the game but moving onwards look for the positives about the class, and stay tuned for more from me as Ill show you all how strong warlocks really are in PvE and keep your eyes peeled for some really strong PvP warlocks with lots of books in their back pockets 😛 

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One of the biggest moments that happen more often in my world.

Party members -

ShockBoner +10 rogue (I believe has a few books aswell dont hold me to that)

Obbitorjr +9 rogue (Unsure if books used or not)

Umadara +9 hunter (usure if books used)

MrNecromax +8 Necro with 4/4 damage buff as expected.

Numbawun +10 warlock with Cooldown reduction book and mana book.

Results conclude.




Push yourself for greatness and you'll be great, shoot for the sky and nothing will stop you 😛 

Next goals for me are a few books and Mermen gear!


Numbawun - US-Sapphire.


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I'm back, I haven't really done much in the dungeon aspect because I've been doing a lot of arena to get my last amulet. There's been a small change in main build now as I've found it a lot easier to stay alive in dungeons such as Sea Tramps - Mythical and Mermen dungeon (both of which I've done a fair bit of since Horror has been and gone.

This build still I believe to be the strongest item set (of course with a few upgrades here and there) But this is currently the item set with the stats behind it that I'm running.


Now of course the skill build I run I have never gone through, and this is something all you classy warlock mains need to remember this build Im sharing is for MAX damage in PvE only, the PvP skills, staff, crystal set up is all completely different and some servers use different things in arena aswell. This is STRICTLY PvE. But moving on

5/5 Arrow of Darkness, 5/5 Dark circle, 3/5 Life Exhaust
4/4 Shadow sphere (please devs buff this damage a little bit more ty) 4/4 Power of Relaxation and 4/4 Dark Seal.

Now as we all know Imperials are pretty easy to get now so obtaining the rings aren't that bad but heres where I bamboozel you guys with something I feel needs to be addressed to any warlock player who gets their hands on mermen gear. Mana regen is a slap in the face if you 4/4 relax and mermen gear skill. 18 units per 2 seconds. I cant say this for sure yet I still need to obtain the gear but I believe even with my regen its not possible to run both full time~ which you would need to do in order to maintain maximum damage and maintain skill rotations. so at the bottom of this post I'm going to post the "Ideal" build Ill be going for when I get mermen pcs.

If you have any suggestions on top of that please feel free mention them 🙂 Hopefully soon Ill get off my ass and make a video showing how strong this class really is.|

Warspear Calculator

Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

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