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  1. I'm back, I haven't really done much in the dungeon aspect because I've been doing a lot of arena to get my last amulet. There's been a small change in main build now as I've found it a lot easier to stay alive in dungeons such as Sea Tramps - Mythical and Mermen dungeon (both of which I've done a fair bit of since Horror has been and gone. This build still I believe to be the strongest item set (of course with a few upgrades here and there) But this is currently the item set with the stats behind it that I'm running. Now of course the skill build I run I have never gone throug
  2. Yeah warlocks are in a fine state of the game when you put 30/40 warlocks in one place where the line of survival is irrelevant and spamming all the AoE/CC skills you have to defend a flag/castle or even at raid bosses but warlocks are complete garbage in Arena. I personally resorted to becoming one of few if not the strongest PvE warlock for Raid bosses and dungeons. Tho this is a tad off topic sorry. Nerfing Kick in the back after playing against it in arena really there's ways to deal with it man it doesn't need nerfing if anything it'll give some of those uh "easier" classes on
  3. One of the biggest moments that happen more often in my world. Party members - ShockBoner +10 rogue (I believe has a few books aswell dont hold me to that) Obbitorjr +9 rogue (Unsure if books used or not) Umadara +9 hunter (usure if books used) MrNecromax +8 Necro with 4/4 damage buff as expected. Numbawun +10 warlock with Cooldown reduction book and mana book. Results conclude. Push yourself for greatness and you'll be great, shoot for the sky and nothing will stop you 😛 Next goals for me are a few books and Mermen gear!
  4. You have a lot to say about a lot of classes but honestly have you been on the other end of the scale? I could pin point every last thing you said here that really doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense but as you read this you'll know what I'm referring to. I hear this a lot from both sides of the fence but we all need to remember that every class is meant to be unique and server a purpose. Sometimes changing the setup you run or even changing around party members can change the fight to benefit you just keep that in mind when reading this. Paladins are a joke right now
  5. Warlock, its a classic. Useless in small scale (Thanks to certain skills and the addition of resistance) But absolutely horrendous with large scale (If there is more than 15 in the location then whatever you are fighting don't really stand a chance). Its known everyone complains about warlocks when they are the user of the warlock. "resistance ruined warlock" "Bladedancers 1 combo me" "rangers blow me up before I even get the chance to use fear" the one I hate most "Sick of Dark circle never working because of PoS" Actually talking about warlocks is hard from everyone's point of v
  6. Any word on the test server adding back Warlocks Shadow sphere damage? I noticed when I logged back in my max critical hit with Shadow sphere was 7313. Keep in mind this was with Level 28 Nadir set and a pot. (Still 2800 damage less than before on critical hit). Anyone find out why Aigrind developers believed shadow sphere needed the damage nerf yet or we still walking around with no knowledge as to why the things they have done were done?
  7. Unfortunately people who dont play warlocks dont understand how frustrated I get when I see the fact that Warlocks arent good at DPS to begin with but to make it worse its like trying to kill off the player base. All warlocks needed was a simple Stone body change and a Exhaust change. The nerfs to Weakness zone are whatever to me but god removing the key damage skill to warlocks isnt the way to go. Thats my opinion anyway, and I have a feeling a lot of people think the same
  8. Sorry, Ive just noticed the fact that theres a warlock fanbase. This 25% nerf is absolute awful for every single warlock player in my opinion, Ive focused my warlock around PvE for years and Ive always stuck to it but recent days Ive started doing a bit of PvP and I can understand why people get so frustrated about warlock control skills but now days people need to understand that Warlocks biggest counter is Resistance. 10% resistance is annoying for warlocks but 20/30% resistance makes warlocks unplayable. Ive capped my warlocks damage at level 30 with the highest amount of pene wit
  9. Warlock mains, whether you love to focus PvP or if your like myself and you thrive in PvE, can you find any real reason why Shadow sphere nerfs should be put in place? I sure cant. Understanding the class is easy, its a control mage thats built around cooldown reduction and timing. For those that believe weakness zone was too OP I wont disagree. It was a bit too much and I wont argue the fact that Weakness zone needed nerfing. But nerfing Warlocks main damage skill? I dont understand why and Ive love some insight on why people believe that Shadow sphere needs to be nerfed. After playing on the
  10. You play warlock? If you do then you understand this change is probably the WORST change they could of done. If you dont, Id love to see everyone here actually play the class to understand how bad it is.
  11. Everyone here crying over simple changes. Mage nerf isnt much of a nerf. The fact that mages can perma stun was annoy to play against in Arena, large scale war and general gameplay. People need to stop crying like babies and understand that currently this game has a overwhelming skill gap. Paladins have a shield that takes everyone a million years to break. Bladedancers have amazingly annoying skills of a global Hamstring, a skill that gives them resistances to 4 skills. counter play? Wardens are absolutely annoying to kill unless you use dispelling relics but that means you miss out on import
  12. The sheer state of warlock at this current point in the game with resistance and you guys go along and push us deeper into the mud? Holy shit. Power of relaxation nerf isn't needed period. If cant even full cycle with it on CURRENTLY < And In on 130 mana regen. As for Sphere Id love to see how useless Warlocks will become in Arena and large scale war.
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