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[Forum problem]Text didn't sent from a phone and another thing

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First of all, I would like to say this site is well-made, it's compatible with my old android browser (which is miraculous). All issues I write here have been encountered on this old android browser, which is on Android 4.0.3.


I have two problems : the first one is when I try to upload huge text (no image or else, only text), it shows "saving..." but my text don't appear in the topic, even if I retry multiple times.


The second one is about the creation of a topic : when I select Create a topic, it shows me the window where I can select the forum where I want to post it, but I can't scroll down to choose "International", and clicking on arrows to show sub-forums don't work. I think for this issue, can you just make, instead of showing a pop-up, open the page of creating the topic and here u can select the forum in a list.


Thank you,


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Hello. In my opinion, you have chosen not the most suitable forum section for creating such a topic. There is a similar topic in the support section, maybe it was wiser to post there?

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7 минут назад, Higgings сказал:


Not a problem. I'll deal with that. 

Sorry, I didn’t encroach on your work, I just wrote in passing.:smile:

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