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  1. Hello, Here is a link leading to all public Discord servers related to Warspear Online ! Find your community, ask for help or have fun with the other members :) https://discord.gg/xJmFwWNBDA
  2. NFTs are a shithole and a total scam. They are very danegrous towards the environment because they use a LOT of electricity for a simple transaction. This is also depending on virtual currencies, which are well known for not being stable ! I hope devs never add them to the game.
  3. Here is the link : https://discord.gg/xJmFwWNBDA
  4. Bcz its a prrtty unique game in its genre. That must depend on which person, but for me it's the most entairtaining video game I ever played.
  5. We have Discord servers for Eu, Us, Ru and Br. Check them out ! https://discord.gg/xJmFwWNBDA
  6. Link here : https://discord.gg/JU4qz5nbsp
  7. Brazilian are more active than europeans and americans for my pov...
  8. This is why we really need a more firendly network like Discord ! And their FB page is dead also....
  9. For more informations, you can join the Discord servers : US-SAPPHIRE : https://discord.gg/hhBTGHYash Warspear In general : https://discord.gg/K4gAd7XW4X Other Discord Servers about Warspear Online : https://discord.gg/CyakpkBwWA
  10. Hello there ! Today we will talk about the community of Warspear. As I see so far, community social networks aren't promoted directly in the game itself. So, my proposition is that devs allows the community (mainly US and EU) to promote our social networks, such as Discord. Why ? Well, it would firstly help people and new players get help more easily. Also, we could organize and manage events made by the community for the community, with a lot of more people ! It would be truely exciting to see the players themselves having ideas of events, sharing them with others ! It would also strengthen the Warspear Community around public events, thus leading to more fun and excitation from the game ! The idea of the social network here concerns mainly Discord, as it is easy to use. We have already a server gathering links towards every other Warspear Online Discord servers, and for example, it could be an URL put under the contact menu, defined as "The Community Discord Servers". Also, if it's accepted by devs, adding a popup so players can see the link. I hope devs see this, because we have difficulties to gather players, amd it would help us a lot ! Of course, the promoted Discord Server in the game (if it is) itself is neutral, and just has invite links to other Discord Servers about Warspear Online ! Thanks for reading this :) Here is the link to the Discord Server for the links : https://discord.gg/CyakpkBwWA
  11. Hello ! So this post may have no signification for most users here, but it aims players who play on Linux OSes (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint...). It concerns people who have low-end or old PC. This can concern you if you have errors starting the game, like video errors or related with OpenGL. In fact, OpenGL will be found on old PC at its version 2.0 or 2.1, while most of the games will need OpenGL 3.0 >, and Warspear Online on Linux will need it. This is impossible to use OpenGL 3.0> on those old PCs, but you can emulate it, doing so the game (here, Warspear Online) will start and work great ! How ? Install the .deb version of Warspear Online, from the official forum page. Once done (or maybe you already have it installed), navigate to /opt/warspear from the root folder. You will see normally two files : warspear.pak and warspear-online (executable file). Open a terminal in this folder, and do "LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 ./warspear-online" in the terminal. The game will start with an emulated version of OpenGL 3.1, and therefore you won't get anymore problems related with openGL (in theory). However, this has a price : because openGL 3.1 is emulated, your experience in-game may suffer, fps will sadly drop a bit the game is still playable though, and I'm f*cking happy because I searched for hours the anwser to this problem. To avoid doing the same command everytime, just do a simple dekstop link or launcher link with the specificated command, and put it on your desktop (or where ever you want). Hope it could help people, I think the "LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1" command applies for any program working with OpenGL. Best regards :) (Is it possible to pin this topic ? Thanks)
  12. Hello people, Here is an invite link for a discord server where you will find all Discord Warspear Online Related Servers Invites Links (not including personal guilds discord servers). If you want to add an invite link to the list, feel free to do it, there is a dedicated channel for this (#server-links). This concerns all nationalites (Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, etc...). Please share this link in your language so it gather the most people. We hope you find your server ! Here is the link : https://discord.gg/xJmFwWNBDA Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to share this message :)
  13. I mean, not playing it for testing or for finding bugs, just do they play it to enjoy it ?
  14. In the way inactive player's names are freed up, could it be the same for inactive guilds ? More than 1300 guilds (in eu server) are at 0 guild points for many months, so it can be useful for devs to free space and for us to have cool guild names which have already been taken by these inactive guilds. I wish you a good day.
  15. Maybe if you just ask them if they want to tp to war with a pop up msg ?
  16. imagine being able to do mods with ws, sharing them, and add a religion mechanic in the mod :0
  17. So then, it's possible they are extremists like in real life ? I mean, shamans and priests could be... xD
  18. Man. Time for changes. We can't live in the past anymore.
  19. U destroyed my hope of new musics.
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