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Berserker Power (?)

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7% pene and 7% atk speed/dmg BUT taking 30% more damage and losing 35% of your max HP at 1/4?

Is this a joke? Using this skill only makes you die faster lmao 😂 whats the point of even using it?

This skill is basically useless at all levels, especially for 1h (why the phuck would a barb need atk speed?)

Its only useful at 4/4 for 2HAND and even then, 2h sucks for barb, so again whats the point of even USING this skill?



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It may sound useless, but it is really good skill on 3/4 or 4/4. 20% speed and 20% pene increase make true difference in battle. Nowadays Barb can easily reach max speed attack. I myself have speed build and can still tank decently. I myself have accomplished to deal around 10K+ dmg in matter of second thanks to 60% speed attack and 20% pene. So whatever you say, you may not tested it or used it correctly.

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