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  1. Updated skills. Stay tunned for new gear builds and skill builds!!!
  2. I know that 40 seconds cooldown might be a bit too much, but reduce it to 20 seconds would make barb overpowered. Barbs have great skills that reduce dmg and increase his survivality. For example, warcry, roar, scream of fury and most importanty stoneskin. With right equip you can easily survive 40sec till you heal again. But I agree with you that cd should be reduced a bit, not to 20 seconds but at least to 30-35 seconds.
  3. It may sound useless, but it is really good skill on 3/4 or 4/4. 20% speed and 20% pene increase make true difference in battle. Nowadays Barb can easily reach max speed attack. I myself have speed build and can still tank decently. I myself have accomplished to deal around 10K+ dmg in matter of second thanks to 60% speed attack and 20% pene. So whatever you say, you may not tested it or used it correctly.
  4. Wait when i update this guide. With upcoming events, I will add more skill builds and also gear builds. But yeah try to check and read through whole content before deciding anything.
  5. Yes. It would be. As long as you keep spamming aggro.
  6. We could said the same thing about sentinels before this update. Owerpowered mage, unkillable wd. Also for legion it is nerfed DK, with introduce of resist useless warlock. Of course if the chamges will ma ke legion overpowered then I suggest that devs will make something to fix that. But now is problem with elves being overpowered. So thats the reason why devs buffed legion abit.
  7. Dont spam amp button. Its worst technique to amp. You just lose gold, signs and spheres.
  8. Yes, I know exact times of respawn big bosses like Elm and Engineer, but unfortunately even when I arrive first I just get killed by big guilds. This is what really sad about on US server. Though guides for Engi and Elm are awesome! I have finally seen how to kill em.
  9. Awesome guide. But there are few raid bosses we can never do unless we are in those top guilds on US server. Because top guilds (elves and mcs included) always blocking everyone who are not in their guild.
  10. Heredurian

    Seeker Guide 8.4

    Awesome guide, I have learned a lot from your seeker guide.
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