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  1. Heredurian

    Expert skills

    Depends if you want to build PvE or PvP hunter
  2. PvP build lv 20 Heal 5/5 Nightmares 5/5 Bone shield 3/5 Pit 3/4 Panic 1/4
  3. After map 1 bone shield is useless, because even on 5/5 it ignore only like 800 dmg. Deathly Eye is good, even when there is a chance for a boss to ignore debuff and when boss is on max hp in dg you use Deathly eye u can deal almost 10K + maybe more depends on boss. I tried build with bone shield max on max 2 and later map 4 and since necros have low def, mobs there deals like 300dmg +, that means it can take max 2-3 hit, and totally useless when it comes to a boss.
  4. On map 1 MC are bunch of low lvl hunters what were made to spam like this
  5. Maybe thats why they increased his respawn time
  6. On US server there are a lot players from Europe and same goes probably for EU server with US people.
  7. I dont think so, because it says that opponent need to have bleeding debuff to get defeat dmg buff.
  8. Same situation is on US server
  9. Best option is axe/mace and shield everytime u solo or tank. I have seen a lot barbs use axes, but the reason why they are using it, it is because of there arent much maces without magic dmg which is totally useless stat for barb. Obviously you can go for 2h weapon, but you gotta be high amped with decent defense if u want to solo with 2h weapon. I actually prefer mace over axe because even though its slower, it deals more dmg. I cant say much about soloing things without shield, it depends alot on your skill and gear build. If you can give us more information about your gear and skill build, we could help you more.
  10. Doesnt Death Call depends on mdmg too? Higher mdmg better Death Call? Cause it deals mdmg + aggro mobs.
  11. First priority as a expert skill is stoneskin for pve and second expert depends on your build, if u have already some lifesteal, take warcry if not take combat fury. Or if u have high armor u can take whatever u want as a second expert. Good basic skill pve build would be Roar and Taunt on max. and Strong blow on 3/5, but u said u have it already on 5/5 so I suppose make Roar at least 3/5 and taunt 5/5.
  12. Barb is better in pve if you farm bosses without mobs, DK can solo pretty all, but DK prefer bosses with mobs so they can heal from them with hurricane and lifesteal.
  13. Probably becasue u tried on US server? Making elves charac on US is blocked bcause of high population of elves
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