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  1. This week. I'll add another part, specific skill builds, gear builds and week or two later I'll add comboes and relics.
  2. Well BDs do already have high amount of parry given they're dual weapon ability. Which off they would use set like parry axes. Also since parry only blocks melee attacks of course rangers could easily hit easily on them. But there could be a slight improvement, yes.
  3. Nah. Minion = Dog from "Call" is based on physical dmg, so it wouldn't made sense to add magic dmg to its death effect. But I do get the fact that skill looks little broken. But we won't know until test.
  4. Like I kind of agree with making berserk power passives or with constant consumption. For one single reason. Bds have similar skill that increases their auto attacks insanely. Only difference is that bds skill is passive. Since Barbs are supposed to be a mc equivalent of bds. It would be kinda fair.
  5. And again about stoneskin, since EU server still thinks def barbs are the best and rely only on having high amped gears, of course you would say its a nerf. Because def barbs have no block, parry and that's what makes em weak. Gather and test barbs skills and skill builds before saying anything.
  6. Hybrid builds aren't that bad. You just need to find hybrid build that is good enough in both modes. I myself using hybrid skills setup. 5/5 charge, 3/5 taunt, 5/5 roar, 4/4 stoneskin, 4/4 combat fury and 4/4 shield strike. I have no problem holding aggro, unless full PvE +10 dmgers in my pt. And also I have decent amount of stun and dmg in PvP. I bet this is the best build barb can have overall, because I haven't lost to any barb using this build.
  7. Barbs need stoneskin to survive in PvP. Then shield bash and combat fury for heal. Stoneskin is must 4/4, Then Shield bash or berserk 4/4 and combat fury 4/4. Your build got 0 survival skills. Against tanky classes like bd, barbs, dks you wouldn't stand a chance.
  8. Is this a joke? Barbs with this build is like paper. Stoneskin 4/4 is must for PvE as well as PvP
  9. I agree with you, it is kind of unfair of stoneskin being countered so easily. Althought now when it get recovered by every succesful block, it is sorta balanced. I would be glad though if devs would make retribution stat not to counter stoneskin.
  10. I know that 40 seconds cooldown might be a bit too much, but reduce it to 20 seconds would make barb overpowered. Barbs have great skills that reduce dmg and increase his survivality. For example, warcry, roar, scream of fury and most importanty stoneskin. With right equip you can easily survive 40sec till you heal again. But I agree with you that cd should be reduced a bit, not to 20 seconds but at least to 30-35 seconds.
  11. It may sound useless, but it is really good skill on 3/4 or 4/4. 20% speed and 20% pene increase make true difference in battle. Nowadays Barb can easily reach max speed attack. I myself have speed build and can still tank decently. I myself have accomplished to deal around 10K+ dmg in matter of second thanks to 60% speed attack and 20% pene. So whatever you say, you may not tested it or used it correctly.
  12. Wait when i update this guide. With upcoming events, I will add more skill builds and also gear builds. But yeah try to check and read through whole content before deciding anything.
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