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Few questions

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1) Does boss drops any items?

I was trying to drop something from boss (she's red and she's crazy fairy) but i failed. There is always nothing to loot.

2) How can i make more space in my inventory?

I remember i got item from quest i it gave me more space. Can i drop that item? Buy it? Or the only way is to use miracle coins?

3) Do guilds exist here?

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1.Yes, bosses with red crown can drop some items like spheres dmg &def 2 and equipments.. But only bosses in 2nd island that can drops those items and only some bosses in 1st island that can drop spheres def & dmg 1.

2.Yea, u can buy extra pocket from mshop use mcoins or just buy it from ppls use gold. U can buy mcoins through sms payment, tap joy, boa combra, credit card and mol depend on which country do u living in.

3.Not now, but it will be exist after update v3.44 or v3.5 (see it on news&announcements)

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Two more ;)

1) Is there a max level here?

I've seen max 20 level.

2) Is it comfortable and possible to play without paying rl money, or paying small amount?

I was wondering is it possible to play that way. I could kill wolfs and earn 500k, but is it rly a good way? I can buy stuff using auction system, but is it possible or i'm going on suicide mission?

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1) yes, the max level is 20

2)i have played without mcoins so far, i don't see big differences between playing with mcoins and not to play with mcoins, mcoins only makes you stronger within shorter time.


Опубликованное фото

1. Ninjatrixter is right BUT. Devs are planning for a lv cap of 50

2. It's a little bit easyer if u buy mcoins.

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1) Is it possible to reset skill points?

2) Do i need to choose my primary skills while using skill points, or i will be able to max all my skills?

I've noticed i got 1 skill per 2 lvls. But when advanced to 10 lvl i got 2 skill points. Now i will get 2 points per 2 levels?

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Gay.  :shok:


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acctually experience is best teacher, please play first even until lvl 12 and i think you can understand many routin in game, dont ask many much information cos acctually again your questions is all in TOPICS here in forum just try to search it and you will know all you want to know :facepalm:

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