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  1. no one spoke of mcoins, maybe I ment the gold you had earned while having lunch :spiteful:
  2. phtoshop :blush: ? that's for fake noobs :blush: :blush: :blush:
  3. cool :shok: how did you do it? :blush:
  4. this thread is pointless, lvl6 is a nooby arena for those who are afraid of higher levels :facepalm:, and arena rating proves nothing, anyone can be #1 in lvl6 arena with +10 and 14k tickets :facepalm::facepalm:
  5. lol difference between bows and cbows is not that big, bows are for pro players, and cbows are for players with less skills, and for those who relay on blessing :facepalm: but, this is just my opinion
  6. they're all illegal immigrants :crazy: ... i guess.. :facepalm:
  7. I'm ready to root my phone, delete my phone's software, and install a custom ROM to get the update yo :crazy:
  8. what kind of bad joke is this? I've never played warspear on pc, I'm using the samsung galaxy mini GT-S5570, and I'm still pro :crazy:
  9. I'd really like to receive a reply to my tickets, because I have already lost my former account, because I never received an anwser from the technical support, and I can't remember the password of the account I'm using atm (lol embarrasing), and I haven't got an anwser in a week for my ticket about the password :facepalm: maybe something should be done?
  10. the level doesn't matter :lol: get over it :crazy:
  11. omg :shok: final fantasy hairstyle :crazy:
  12. Here's a tip from an old-school ranger, remember to take screenshots :crazy: :bomb:
  13. maybe, so tell me something that I don't know :facepalm:
  14. Can't say the same about your profile pic :facepalm:
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