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  1. Hassn thought that we in sos liked the black crocs. That and he tried to get SoS out completly by making his elf guild third in tournament. Needless to say, we, in sos, got ehat we wanted.
  2. 10$ dinner box, whatchu mean. We been gettn happy meals since the start
  3. Alright yall, what is it? Mine is definatly poisonus eyes mc side
  4. and OP rogue soamming pots and revs might suprise you. Ive taken out wholes pts before
  5. Nakkti


    You... Are a noob.
  6. I beat +10 rangers with a +8 rogue using kw, and arena gladiuses.
  7. Im a high amped rogue, and quite frankly... I love new skills. On both sides. And with new rogue skill, you dont need to ghost hit, So heres some advice. Dont try to ghost hit bd. But since you admire bds new skill so much. Go make one. Id love to show you how OP bds r now.
  8. I will rape them both, so it matters little.
  9. I means its Warspear. But as far as it stands, theres only two reasons to war. For shits, and giggles. Which is boring. And 3-4dailys quests for cc. Give us something to really earn in war. Something to fight FOR
  10. This is probably pretty out ragues. But I'd love to see something on the mc shop that would put a targeted player on the map. Like a scroll. And when you used it, it would prompt you to enter the name of an eneny player, and he would be tracked across the map untill you died. Kinda like how when your in a party and your party members show up as numbered blips, but instead theyre like red blips.
  11. There two kinds of ass kissing. The kind where they spank you, and you ask for another. And the little weasel kid kind.Id say your a little of both.
  12. Thanks for that, I appreciate your support. Nice english, btw. :drinks:
  13. Every time I kill an elf... I want his ear. And after I gather so many of these ears, I want a costume for them. Or gold, or something. Reward me for killing elfs. Other then the usual pleasures, ofc. give them bones or something to collect when I die. :dirol:
  14. Nakkti

    Rap "Battles"

    Warspear gangster ROFL
  15. Nakkti

    Druid vs Shaman

    Biggest bull shitm ive ever heard. Go Play the game some more bud. Shoot me your screen name, ill send you a pro+8 druid that'll whoop you 7/10 times. If not more.
  16. i just realised this is a horrible idea. For EU anyway. You guys remember the indo blocks on the stairs? Yea... Hassn and AoA gonna be blocking the bridge all day long. You guys would think of nadir as atlantis. The lost duckn city.xD Then you guys could feel mc pain. :-D
  17. Why dont in the next update we get gp for war. Like... For every elf, my part and I kill we get like 1 gp or somehing. Encourage more warring guilds. Idk instead of arena and just questing. Why not, WARspear?
  18. Nakkti

    Druid vs Shaman

    Qauke isnt a stun on ranged opponents. i mean. Could back off the druid, and regen while hes quaked. But it wouldnt even make sense. He'd regen too. And blind is 2 seconds shorter then roots. Ive faced many druids where I could time my blind perfect to duck up there heal for about two seconds, but when I try and push that anothersecond or two, I gett rooted. I get rooted twice, before I use my blind. The only way I can beat the same amp druid is by timing it perfect, and even then I have to rely on luck. Druid is op af. Good class. But with changes to bees and hamstring, I feel like AI grind needs to rebalance the pvp aspect of each class.
  19. Nakkti

    Druid vs Shaman

    Devs... I am aware the mountain clans/forsaken have some Powerful classes. But you developers do tend to favour elves in ALOT of aspects. Im not here trying to sound whiney. But my +8 shaman gets raped by most druids with the same amplification. Im getting beat 1v1 atleast 3/5 times against the same amp. While im using +8 moon staff, with high resi, and moon def set. I also realised that root has a 13 second cool down, while blind is a 15 second cool down spell. That makes. a HUGE difference in a one v one pvp. Not to mention druids 4% dmg/and heal buff from inactive skills. Root last a couple more seconds, AND has a couple less second cool down. Can you please balance this?
  20. Im a dsturber? What r you talking about? I dont disturb. -_-
  21. Shadokai - rogue level 19 (almost 20.) Im frequently active... Frequent questor. Good in arena... I have all +8 kw, and all +7 arena armour, too. Most critical enchanted. 2 +8 scout gladiuses. Soon to have Sudden doom. I do work part time. I do invest in MC. :blush: And Ill gladly incorparate in anyway I can. And im tryna join ABC. Whats up Shitzo? Im not giving up anytime soon. 8)
  22. He just had a pyramid for a head. Wasnt wedge head dressed in some kind of robe In that movie tho?
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