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Kaizen Clan (2013) - [Emerald]


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I want to join...

Name: xmvpx

Class: rogue

My country: México


maybe this is good news for you and us.. and maybe this is bad news for elf..


we got ur name.. welcome to the family broooi..

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pm me ingamee for join.. soon we will change the recruiting method.. better hurry up..


also kaizenn.. read this..


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i wanna join as,

sink shaman lvl 20\

adilll shaman lvl 20

zaidd necro lvl 20

aamil warlock lvl 16

swodman rouge lvl 14



Highly recommend this guy.

He is so pro

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;)  I'm glad you didn't get mad at me once you realized it cannot be used until 3.5



i know it was use for 3.5... so i will keep it for future use.. :) we it will be more easy :) thanks

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