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  1. Shitley stared being judgemental
  2. geez i also try to join aoa cuz there where many friends go after a month i went inactive for vacation but after i regret cuz i saw they where money ducking whores and i dint want to be like fuking them then i saw abc and saw it family so i buy sondor so me and bro could join geeeeee3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
  3. hmm maybe you listen log in so i could tell you i just buy sondor like freaking four days ago if u want go pm andore the real sondor i buy from geez work on ur listening
  4. Forget it shitley if being judge for who you are in abc is the way. I dont like being judge ill be who i want and make memories somewhere else. We tried our best sorry not everybody perfectlike you shitley forget about us. Havefun you guys are no better than aoa judging
  5. Mecha we relate alot i dont have tons of friends of warspear. Your right and i agree with you. We dont want to join guild to be exploited and used like props like aoa does we want to be in guild to havefun. Where people hunt,talk,laugh together. Where being top dosent seem to matter just along as we try our best. Me and sondor are not dogs we are nice friendly bros. All we want is to make memories while making friends because making good friends means to us. Also shitley ris ur ingame name right ?? Well ill tell u sondor situation in game there well get to all know each other.
  6. Ill tell you in game plz log in and ill explain
  7. So will you guys give me and my brother sondor a chance :[ We dont really know what to say in the game we havent gotten to know anyone to get recomendations and strain how can my brother kill you druid when he stared a week ago. We kind of new to people but old to knowing skill of the game.
  8. thank you xd i dont even have Elf
  9. just give me kinkakux and sondor a chance were people and all of us makes mistakes just as easily as our minds can change
  10. sondor and kinkakux(me) would like to join we understand u guys are full but we want to be put in a waiting list maybe hangout with some of the members and meet new friends. well sondor level 20 lock good amp and me kinkakux also lv 20 lock with good amps just wanna make some warspear memories together before we move on in life
  11. nothing we can do game will die soon developers = Russian = need money for vodka signs were put in game for devs to getvodka get your facts strait people :)
  12. so i was blocking elfs and i summon apet after i die my pet just dissapear and no nobody kill him. i thought the minions respawn with the player. ow was i wrong new update???
  13. what about skeleton king?????
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