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  1. hiii guys im sink one of the oldest shaman can u guys inv my warlock lvl 20 aamil in abc most of u must b knowing my shaman ;) im looking forward to join u guys u guys r good :give_rose:
  2. In village about to leave for hunting xd
  3. Later i came to know that guy have scammed more then 20 ppl with the help of admin he without enquring admin have help the scammer in scamming so many ppl
  4. A guy was selling hes chr so i just had a chat with him he told me about his acc details that wht chr he got in this acc so we decided to trade with my dk lvl 20 aawa with his rouge lvl 15 tooh nd priest lvl 15 pah ( which i actually wanted) so i dought on him nd told him he might be scammer so he told some name in which i know some so i asked 1 of them so he said u can trust him so we traded after 2 month he used some details nd scammed the chr idk how when he scammed it chr was lvl 18 rouge 4 xp to lvl up nd priest lvl 18 with lvl 17 blade +7 with skin i lost both the acc + the dump admin ban my shaman acc too name sink in this pic he accepted wht he did
  5. Seems like i can get some help here
  6. sell or trade acc y ban? i mean to say if u need some thing ofc u go to a store nd buy trade chat is a store u buy things there if u say acc buying is illegal then ppl sell mcoin item drops etc that shold be illegal too. if an owner is ready to sell his acc y admin cares? according to me admin is totally dump they r so dump that they even help scammers lol idk they know or dont but they help :D
  7. guyz plz help to get my acc back :(
  8. If ppl call u pro then u really pro with u r own big mouth no 1 gonna belive u so plz stop behaving like a retaded person nd show u r skills in eu nd prove u r a pro but untill then plz shut u r big mouth
  9. mcs r better :dirol:
  10. i wanna join as, sink shaman lvl 20\ adilll shaman lvl 20 zaidd necro lvl 20 aamil warlock lvl 16 swodman rouge lvl 14
  11. is 3.2 ready me pak gaya hu koi online ha to batao yaar :(
  12. breakout me nahi janta tha ki wo tera bd ha nd buuud ne tera pa att kiya tha sorry yaar :(
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