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  1. I wanna buy: - Lvl 5 Ice queen ring - Any damage accessories for lvl 14 BD if you have it you can pm me here or ingame ( Heathens lvl 14 BD - US Sapphire)
  2. yo guys ;D Emmm I wanna make a barb, so here some questions 1. Which skill should be maxed first from lvl 1? 2. Which is better? Using shield or 2h axe? 3. What set should I use for pvp and for tanking? Sorry if I ask too much questions, and thanks for your answer :drinks:
  3. Add my rogue too akemichi :D Name : Fierykill Rogue lvl 12 now, soon up again ;)
  4. ehmm beside warspear, i love to do : 1. Breakdance-ing :good: 2. Sports 3. Chatting (public relation usually) Fourth, which is the most important thing in my life, SLEEP 8)
  5. Let's do some gathering this week guys :drinks:
  6. Thanks a lot guys :drinks: I hope we can make some good memories with fellow member of LoS :friends: :yahoo:
  7. Lol so u are trisden's bro? :shok: well that was a surprise :blush: Well that's good.. thanks dude :drinks:
  8. i always do that :shok: :facepalm: lol anyway thanks and nice to meet u all fellow LoS member :drinks:
  9. Of course I will level up fast, I just wanna get the arena sword :drinks: And I'll follow the clan's fb group So, what do I do after applying to the clan? Did I immediately in to the clan, or are there some kind of observation before i accepted to the clan? Thanks before :drinks:
  10. I believe its me :blush: the guy that pm healallelf named fieryblade right? ;D yeah that's me :blush: Well as I said to healallelf, I wanna join I'm a BD, level 14, aiming to stay and collect arena points Hope u guys let me in :drinks:
  11. Nice war KAIZEN! And mcsaken too :drinks:
  12. Nice to hear that :drinks: can't wait to gather :yahoo:
  13. Hello nice to meet you all, I'm a new member of the clan :drinks: Let's do gathering sometime :drinks: I need to know better of my clan and it's member :yahoo:
  14. Can I join this guild? My in game name is Fearmenot, DK lvl 12, almost 13 soon :) and I'm from Indonesia I hope I could join this great clan :drinks:
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