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  1. "Furacão Sangrento" O Bárbaro recebera o Efeito Positivo "Golpe Giratório" por 1 s /2 s /3 s / 4 s/ 5 s/. A cada 1s Inimigos que estão a 2 jardas do Personagem Recebera o Efeito de "Sangramento" por 4s a cada 3s os Inimigos receberão 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% de Dano Periótico. Gasto de Energia : 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 Recarga: 12 Alcance do Uso: 2 Jardas Esquiva Aparo Bloqueio Acerto Critico ( SIM ) Resistência Atordoar ( NÃO ) Talento: Aumenta em 1s o Tempo do efeito "Sangramento".
  2. У меня есть увлекательное предложение, которое, я уверен, понравится многим из вас. Давайте разработаем новые лабиринты, расположенные в 1-м и до 5-го сектора Айвондила, чтобы предоставить игрокам уникальный опыт и захватывающие испытания. Предлагаю разделить лабиринты на следующие уровни сложности: 1) Лабиринт 1-2 сектора: Вступление в мир приключений На этом этапе игроки смогут освоиться с новой механикой лабиринта и получить первые боевые навыки в Айвондиле. Мобы будут доступны для новичков и предоставят возможность начать свое путешествие с приятных наград. 2) Лабиринт 2-3 сектора: Средний уровень сложности После успешного прохождения первого лабиринта, игроки столкнутся с более сложными мобами и интересными заданиями. Здесь вас будут ждать мощные существа, но и награды будут более щедрыми, отражая ваш прогресс. 3) Лабиринт 3-4 сектора: Предел ваших навыков На этом этапе лабиринты станут настоящим испытанием для опытных игроков. Мобы будут намного сильнее, и многие бои будут требовать от вас сосредоточенности и координации союзников. Однако за этот труд вас ждут уникальные снаряжение и значительные награды. 4) Лабиринт 4-5 сектора: Вершина мастерства На этом последнем этапе лабиринтов вы будете сталкиваться с самыми жесткими испытаниями. Мобы будут страшными и хитрыми, а только истинные герои смогут справиться с этими вызовами. Но за победы вас ожидают уникальные костюмы, крутые эмоции и слава во всем Ариноре! Мы стремимся создать новые лабиринты с уровнями сложности, аналогичными лабиринтам Ирсельнорта, чтобы дать вам возможность насладиться разнообразием заданий и испытаний. Ваши отзывы и идеи очень важны для нас. Давайте вместе сделаем Warspear Online еще более захватывающей игрой! Делитесь своими мнениями и предложениями в этой теме, и давайте сделаем новые лабиринты в Warspear Online невероятными! С уважением, Gabimaru
  3. Hello, it's been a while since the launch of castles the size of your bag has been the same, with only 50 (fifty) spaces to work various resources, such as Potions, Scrolls and relics, that are craftable inside it. Just like there was the update in the life points of the gates and the throne, I think it's fair to have an increase in the castle bag according to his level, or even making your improvement available inside the castle itself, as well as improving potions, scrolls, relics and the level of the castle itself. Current spaces available for those who do not know: Suggested spaces for each level: Here the spaces would remain the same, from 50 (fifty) in resources and items. The advantages of spaces would start even on the next level, I sent it here so as not to leave it out. Here, the 50 (fifty) spaces would change to 60 (sixty), there would be an increase of 10 (ten) spaces. Here, the 50 (fifty) spaces would change to 70 (seventy), there would be an increase of 20 (twenty) spaces. Here, the spaces of 50 (fifty) would pass to 80 (eighty), it would have an increase of 30 (thirty) spaces. Here, the 50 (fifty) spaces would change to 100 (one hundred), there would be an increase of 50 (fifty) spaces. The increase in spaces would be to improve the productivity of the castle as it is being improved, because each level unlocks new things to craft and the current space ends up being too small for so many possibilities, please review and evaluate if it's possible, it's a update focused on small groups, but equal to the increase in health in the gates and throne was also, this could be very pleasant to all who have this content. Thanks for reading this far.
  4. I'm using Google translator, hope you can understand me :) I've been playing warspear for 6 years, and one thing I see that could improve in this next update is how fast a player can level up. The game is great, but it gets boring at times because you can only earn XP with quests. It would be great if the developers did something for players to be able to level up and reach level 32 faster! So we could enjoy and enjoy the game better and also create more characters of different classes. Sometimes we get stuck on a character in the game because we know it takes a long time to develop a class 32. Many players work and study so you can't have that much time. another idea I saw on a player's channel called stressadows, would be to put the XP pots and the 100%/150% GUILD pots together instead of replacing each other. I can't play another game and find an awesome game in the same way as warspear, but please listen to the players. I'm a fan of the game! :) One thing I also noticed is that you could renew DROPS from old dungeons. Kronus is mostly forgotten and Kronus' dungeon armor is outdated. I think Kronus' armor is very beautiful but I can't use it because the game is already at level 32 and Kronus' armor is 22. The game has evolved but forgot to renew some DROPS from these Boss and from older dungeons in the game. I don't know if you will create the 2 classes that are still missing in the game. I see a lot of players talking about this globally. But I think the game's weapons are already sickening too.. It would be great if in this update both magic and physical classes could use new weapons. The magic classes in warspear only use staves. :( There are many other games where magic classes use books and orbs as weapons in addition to staves. I don't know if the new class of elves will be a bard, but I think bards use violas and musical instruments, and I see that in warspear it's always the same weapons and armor. It would be great if you guys thought about renewing and innovating also new styles and new weapons in addition to swords, daggers, staves, two-handed swords and etc.. This will also help when thinking about some new class for the game. And also that would give more freedom to the player. And if new classes ever arrive, I'd like to leave suggestions. I have already told the elves of the Bard but bards use musical instruments. for the Outcasts it would be nice to have an illusionist magic class with mage-like mobility. Or a class that uses heavy armor and weapons in one hand like BD. Changing the subject I still don't understand how the barbarian doesn't have the role of berserker in warspear. The class was limited to being just Tank. Barbarians would be very happy to choose between being a tank or berserker. It would be great to put swords and axes in each hand like rogue, BD and seeker. I hope you read it carefully. :) Thanks.
  5. *Hey guys, I come here to talk about a possibility of new items for our hybrid classes. *It's a simple and short publication but with an interesting idea. In some past updates a heavy belt was added so that hybrid classes could take additional magic damage, as shown in the spoiler below. This belt above for example is perfect for hybrids like: Templar / Charming / Paladin / Death Knight. This would be beneficial to all hybrid classes that need both parameters. Idea: A new ring could be added, which along with the block had magic damage built in, it could be obtained in sea easy or normal, or even in events that had that specific drop. It was a simple post, but with the intention of knowing if there is a possibility of these new items to the game in the near future.
  6. relics are an important part of our game, they add ''something extra'' to our skills, as well as being something both factions can use. Thinking about that, I came to bring you some suggestions for new relics, after all it's been a while since we've had any new ones in the coin shop :) unholy relic from the dead area type: attack example of skills: Basic damage skills such as tears of harad, shadow prism, shadow arrow, fireball. effect: with a 7-15% chance creates an area of 1m under the enemy target (3x3) the area reduces the enemies' movement speed, attack speed and skill cooldown by 15%. this relic is intended to be a relic geared towards group confrontations, and to give all the more reason to use the classes' basic single-target abilities. relic of the summons type: defensive exemple of skills: roots, armistice, oppression, deatthly eye, nighmares (basic control skills and debuffs) effect: if the enemy resists the skill's effect. summons a minion to attack the enemy for 10s, the minion deals 20~30% of the player's physical and magical damage to the enemy. only one minion can be active at a time (this is to avoid pet spam by the necromancer) this would be a relic that would give some reason to use pve control skills, especially against bosses. relic of duplication type: attack exemple of skills: Basic damage skills such as tears of harad, shadow prism, shadow arrow, fireball. effect: the skill also affects a nearby target (2m), dealing 25-50% of the skill's damage to the enemy. basically a relic that does its base damage skill, hit an additional target. the purpose of this requi is to give undamaged classes in area a relic option for this. acceleration relic type: defensive exemple of skills: healing and defensive skills. effect: with a 5-10% chance it increases the character's movement speed by 20% for 10s. this relic would be to try to balance the movement speed existing between the two factions. One way to avoid accumulations between the relic and the chieftain's and seeker's ability would be to make the relic's effect not stack with other movement speed effects. icy relic of the piercing attack (for the christmas event) type: defensive exemple of skills: roots, armistice, oppression, deatthly eye, nighmares(basic control skills and debuffs) effect: if the enemy resists the effect of the skill, increases the parameter ''penetrating attack'' for 10s an effect little used by players, it would be nice to have a relic that increases this status.
  7. Eu fiz uns teste e reparei que a passiva do dk e muito inferior a passiva de outros tank um exemplo e do brb que a cada boqueio chace de irgona parte do dano e do wd a cada bloqueio uma cura Para melhorar isso pensei na idéia de substitui ela por uma habilidade Com mecânica diferente aqui um exemplo para o cavaleiro da morte eu pensei em se baseia no cavaleiro da dor que e feito no mapa 1 T3 em 1 quest ondem varios cavaleiros da morte são evoluidos atraves da mágia negra ou poderia se baseada no cavaleiro do abismo nâo seria nada de estranho após esses ocorridos na historia de arina ondem suger criaturas do abismo o cavaleiro da morte adquiri poderes do abismo. Essa poderia se uma habilidade bem interessante ele poderia ou ( ganha algo como o escudo sobrio so que o nome seria escudo do caos que permite ele irgona e refletir parte do dano sofrindo ) ou uma habilidade de dano em vampirismo em área poderia se o nome da habilidade (chamado do caos) e ai o.que acharam ?
  8. Good afternoon, everyone. I would like to make a suggestion to change two Templar mechanics. I think the Grace ability, which increases the user's power, should be replaced by a healing equal to or similar to charmer. I think Templar has a lot of potential to grow in pve mode. On the server where I play almost nobody chooses this class due to the fact that it is practically useless in pve. Of all classes, she is the one who has the most difficulty in making our map 1. I think they should bring some mechanics similar to those that the charming class has ..... So I think that the increase in power could be placed with a specialist and add a block to it. While charmer increases defense and accuracy in the case of the Templar it could be increased attack and block. I would be a good expert please and I think it would give a greater chance of Templar being a good choice for pve and being a better support. The second skill I think could put a control totem and magic damage. I think the Templar really needs a more powerful skill in the area. If you don't agree with me then you could modify one of the basic skills and put it on totem. For example, a real tornado with magic damage and reduced accuracy would be beautiful and I know that it can be done by the team of developers. Please make Templar a more hybrid class because I loved the mechanics of it but it really is very far from other classes.
  9. When someone kills Hydra, a new TW is open: Hydra's Lair. Like Kronus' TW! (The location of the 2 bosses has similar difficulties in reaching)
  10. Good morning,Good afternoon,Good night, As all players of warspear know, start the game of 0 and very difficult, it is logical that no one has obligation to help other players but it is very difficult for those who are starting to play if they develop in the game, the game itself does not support for new players "yes there is help" but I speak for myself I started to play alone with no one to help me so I was able to develop in the game after 1 year, for the new players who are almost inpatient uninstall the game before picking up lv 3. There really is not much to do but ... To influence the strongest players to help the weak >> - Daily quests in which the player must help the other to kill 1 boss or to make a dungeon .. - Achievements of the same genre, helping new player wins if conquests .... I know that you already are and they are working on it and this is just some way of how it can be done .... Thank you..by Noobpvp
  11. В целях увеличения популярности арены предлагаю ввести доп. тип билетов на арену. Пример> добавляем "пробный билет" который будет стоить 100 золота за шт, при этом в независимости от победы или поражения "очки арены" зачислятся не будут (тоесть вы не получите очки арены)
  12. Подниму тему о баз. реген. здоровья ибо кроме как дк она никому не нужна (даже в пве) есть полным полно исцеляющих способностей (даже у танков) поэтому так и не востребована в наше время.. Перейду сразу к предложениям. 1. Сократить интервал между тиками регена с 5 до 4 сек 2. Добавить крит. хилл от основого показателя крит. параметра 3. Увеличить приросты рег. хп в зависимости от уровня.
  13. Предлагаю ввести новый тип сундуков выдаваемый за повышение уровня, тем самым мотивируя игроков качатся и развиватся в игре.. Мои предложения> За каждый уровень персонажа игрок будет получать Сундук "мастерства" в котором будут содержатся ценные награды. Награды могут быть разными начиная от 500 золота за повышение 2ур. заканчивая шмотом/кристаллами/яхами и прочими плюшками от которых засеяет в глазах.. Возможно этот сундук заменит всеми нами "любимый" таинственный сундук (ежедневка)
  14. Это будет просто забавным предложением по доработке пэтов) Мне всегда бросается в глаза АоЕ круг синенького цвета при призыве "волка тьмы" и "птицы хаоса" радиус круга 2х2 3х3 примерно.. Так почему же не сделать в радиусе 2х2 или 3х3 ярд. дополнительные возможности для пэтов? Например> при появлении "волка тьмы" в радиусе 2х2 клеток вражеские цели получают небольшой маг. урон или дебафф.. А при появлении "птицы хаоса" в радиусе 4х4 клеток союзники получают мгновенное исцеление срезанное х2 от основого хилла птицы..
  15. Так так я понимаю что это уже обсуждалось и админы четко и ясно ответили "вот вам 9 слотов и с вас больше хватит" хорошо спорить не будем (баланс и тратата) Но расходники (банки и т.д) не являются навыками и применять данные штучки п**** как неудобно как в ПвЕ так и на открытой ПвП зоне а лазать в карман за банками это вообще жесть (особенно в спешке когда у тебя остается 1к хп) мало того что банку найти сложно (хотя она на самом видном месте) так ты еще отрываешся от экрана где тебя уже сто раз успели законтролить.. Это дикий дискомфорт и неудобство а так же дикость и древний век.. Мои предложения> 1. Добавить 3 спец. слота жёлтого цвета (яркие цвета) в крайнюю правую часть экрана 2. Слоты доступны только для расходников
  16. Честно ну вот не мог оставить эту тему без вопроса.. Еще с самого начала как только я вернулся в игру и прокачал Заклинателя до 28лвл меня поразила система наград из "ежедневных сундучков" А именно то что при увелечении "ступени" с 1 по 3 меняется только уровень Урона и Дф (был 1лвл стал 2 и 3) вот и всё.. Ну это же бред?! Как можно так халатно относится к элементарной системе наград?? Ну сделайте уже хоть что-то что будет радовать обычных игроков (да и не только) сундук дается ОДИН РАЗ В ДЕНЬ в количестве 1шт В чём проблема обрадовать игрока просто за то что он продолжает играть в ваш проект? Ладно приступим к предложениям> 1. Сделать четкую классификацию 1,2,3 ур. сундука. 2. Сам сундук сделать уникальным (тоесть с него будет падать только уникальный дроп >без всяких лавок чудес) 3. Запихнуть в сундук слитки различных вариаций. 3.1 Добавить в сундук 1 ступени возможность выпадения частей шмота из "набора новобранца" (одна шмотка) 1/11ур. 3.2 Добавить в сундук 2 ступени возможность выпадения Серого/зеленого/синего/ шмота 12/20ур. 3.3 Добавить в сундук 3 ступени крафтовые материалы Катализаторы/Эссенции 4. Разделить Руны/Кристаллы в зависимости от "ступени" так чтобы с сундука 3 ступени падали кристаллы 21ур. а не 13 как сейчас 5. Кол-во получаемых банок хп/маны увеличить с 1шт до 3шт и более (что такое 1шт вообще) 6. Добавить возможность выпадения уникальных костюмов 1 ступени 2 и 3 7. Добавить возможность получения чудо-монет,очков арены,багрянных яхонтов за открытие сундука 2/3 ступени в количестве 5/10/15ед.
  17. В данной теме я бы хотел внести разнообразие в асортимент рун и кристаллов Предложения по добавлению новых рун и кристаллов> 1. "Руна скорохода" - данный тип рун будет увеличивать вашу скорость передвижения (при применении навыков у вас активируется параметр "Скорость передвижения") вставляется в ноги/плащ/доспех 2. "Кристалл замедления" - данный тип кристаллов будет вставлятся в оружие (при применении навыков активируется бафф который замедляет противника)
  18. Sorry for bad english I think this NEED to be changed. When you craft your own setup , this look fun and glorious right? But in Warspear as you know you cant. But why I am saying that. I will explain. I play with 5 Friends, we all do our craft item and always buy the scrolls for each other. First mistske: You CANT sell something you make for the same price you expend to make. Ppl dont buy. Second mistake: if you want to craft a lvl 10 purple for example you need +- 30k.. so what? 30k for a lvl 10? Thats because Essence you need is the SAME for ALL lvls. My first tip for the staff. Fix this and the market will be better; Second and last will change all the game. This essences.... make essence tier 1, 2, 3...... etc so everyone can make your item and make for sell. This item on tier drops on dungeons or breaking purple item. Simple and possible idea will change hard this game.making even better.
  19. Hey, so basically I used to play warspear when max level was 20 and I was 20 with my rogue with pretty sick equips for that time. Then I got scammed and support said we cant help you, its your own fault. I quit the game cause I had no motivation. Now I want a new mmorpg to return to but this is the only good one i really know and enjoy. My question is, is it worth starting to play now? Can I possibly catch up to old players and achieve something without spending thousands of dollars? Second question is if I do return should I choose EU or US server? Im from EU, but which one is more friendly/active? Third question is if I do return what class do I choose? What's best now for PVP or PVE? Last question is, is it really that p2w now? Is it possible to match the strong players without spending any money? Ty in advance!
  20. Alguem pode me dizer como faço a quest 'A new enemy' no Lab. Astral? Obg!
  21. Is there coming anything big in near future, like new classes? One new class in every faction...? It´s being a while since you (Aigrind) added new classes. I know it´s hard to make e.g. skills to them... But you can think about to make new classes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Players will come and say: "Bad english, noob" They will nevah to add new classes, noob" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. HELOOOOOOOOOOO! ITS SUNNYG FROM EU EMERALD! Add me if ya want. Having a bake out in Ireslenort Peace, brothers SunnyG
  23. Please Remove Ferocity, many Players get sucked in this Ferocity! and this is the WORST UPDATE EVER THAT YOU MADE. 60% of players got bored because of this Ferocity, Please Remove this ASAP.
  24. There are a lot of types territoties/biomes in the world of Arinar. Snowy mountains, elven land, island of darkness, a place of volcanic activity, a dangerous alien word, a fairy world, and so on. One thing is really missing from Arinar: the magic world of the Orient. My favourite one. Oh, the enchanted Orient with its crowded bazaars, mud-brick houses, mosques., deserts and oases. Why doesn't Warspear Online involve the Orient? Would be awesome! Monsters such as scorpions, lions, crocodiles... And not on a separate island, no! It could be an expansion to Islernort. Every player finishing Berengar Towers could get the storyline quests, which would lead to a new boss at the end. Bazaars could contain a brand new type of trading, which I will include in another, extended version of this topic (working on the details atm). What do you think? Do you have anything to add?
  25. Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Then you probably know the "LFD" (Looking For Dungeon) system. It basically works in the same way as the arena queue here; collects people awaiting for the same level dungeon. Now. We'd need something similar in Warspear Online too. I'm personally pretty tired of searching people for dungeons by crying out in World Chat for hours. Let's develop a system, where people can see if there is someone else searching for a party for the same dungeon. Example: I want to make a party for heroic Termitary. I go to Menu>Society>Dungeons, and see if there is a request for that level dungeon. If not, then I click Menu>Create new request, where I can set that I want players for heroic TT, what level and what class players I want. I click "Send", and my request for a party will be available for anyone. Now. If there is a player who fits the requirements, can click on my request. Let's say he's a necromancer. I will be informed by system that someone wants to join me, I can decide if I want or not. If I accept, the player will join my party. Inmediately, the slot for necromancer will be marked as full, so now necromancers can see that I don't need more of 'em. If the party gets full, the request gets marked as full, but it stays among the requests until the party enters a dungeon this is for the case if one of the members leave or get kicked, so it is not necessary to re-create the request. See? It is a pretty convinient feature that makes dungeoning better and easier. I have created a little program in C++ language that simulates this. Not too diffucult method. So? What do you think?
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