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  1. In the marshes of Norlant, notes were discovered about some ruins of an ancient house. These notes described a creature never before seen by anyone in that archipelago. The text was as follows: “Today I went to collect some loose snake scales when I came across what I thought was a person coming out of the dark water of the swamp, but it wasn't, his body was the same as mine, but his hands and feet were hairy, and on his chest and legs On his back flowed a kind of tunic made of what appeared to be seaweed and long, thin leaves, as if they had stuck to his body, molding itself like clothing. And his hairy face and small ears, I will never forget, his wide snout and very large nostrils, his entire body presented the most variable shades of brown. Its eyes seemed closed and, at that moment, a small bird flew over me towards the creature and landed on top of its head, as if it were its newest nest. Soon after I realized that now wherever the bird looked, the creature was heading in the right direction, still with its eyes closed, it was as if they had connected somehow, the little bird was now its eyes. I called the creature Capybara, the sleepy one, because it simply came out of the water, ate some grass from its tunic, and lay down in a snake's nest to sleep. Yes, she is harmless.
  2. In the depths of the ancient tombs, lay the slumbering form of the Ancient Dragon Hunter. For centuries, his name had been whispered in fearful tales of the people of Almhad. His exploits were legendary even among the bravest souls. Yet, as the ages passed, his memory faded into the shadows of forgotten lore. Until one fateful night, when the ground trembled beneath the weight of reckless tomb explorers. Unbeknownst to them, they disturbed the resting place of the Ancient Dragon Hunter. As the first rays of dawn pierced through the darkness of Almahad, the Ancient Dragon Hunter's eyes opened. Eyes that had witnessed the rise and fall of empires. His rugged features etched with determination, he rose from his slumber, a relic of a bygone era. With a steely resolve, the Ancient Dragon Hunter emerged from the tombs. His senses were honed by centuries of silence. The world he once knew had transformed, yet the primal urge within him remained unchanged: the hunt. Guided by the instinct that had propelled him through countless battles, the Ancient Dragon Hunter embarked on his quest once more. The skies echoed with his name, a warning to all who dared to awaken the ancient dragons from their slumber. Can provide Asprite file if needed :) My Char for clarification:
  3. Nome: Peregrino Árido História: Seu passado é tão misterioso quanto seu paradeiro. Quando aparece, é seguido de uma tempestade de areia capaz de cobrir o horizonte, carregando tesouros reluzentes e artefatos poderosos, provindos de um passado a muito tempo esquecido. Com seu traje feito de Substância energética, banhado pelo sol escaldante das terras áridas, seu brilho é capaz de iluminar até a noite mais escura. Feito com um único propósito de suportar as extremas tempestades de areia cortante, é cravejado com uma joia de cor-sangue, extraido de núcleo de magma escarlate do deserto. Name: Arid Pilgrim History: His past is as mysterious as his whereabouts. When it appears, it is followed by a sandstorm capable of blanketing the horizon, carrying gleaming treasures and powerful artifacts from a long-forgotten past. With his suit made of Energetic Substance, bathed in the scorching sun of the arid lands, his brilliance is capable of illuminating even the darkest night. Made for the sole purpose of withstanding the extremes of stinging sandstorms, it is studded with a blood-colored jewel, mined from the scarlet magma core of the desert. Feito através do Pixel Studio Pro 4.48 Made through Pixel Studio Pro 4.48 Nick: Noves | Serv: Br-Tourmaline ...
  4. The seasonal costumes are those that we can obtain through the payment method of the game, opening the way to a premium battle pass that will allow us to unlock new features such as emoticons, chests, buffs, and most importantly, costumes! They are costumes that we can get for a limited time during the season, currently there is no way to get the previous costumes again, however, there will always be new costumes coming out and for those collectors do not miss the opportunity to obtain them. Season 1: The King's Trials [Info] Season 2: Forward to the Past [Info] Season 3: Masks Off [Info] Season 4: Benefit of Horror [Info] Season 5: Miracle’s Whirlwind [Info] Season 6: Dreams Festival [Info] Season 6: Spring Ritual [Info][Coming Soon] Special Thanks to: Forum administration for their daily effort with the posts Costumes Links: Emodudu, Jcbreff, Stardom (EU) I do this for game information and it's bad to let this die XD
  5. Shinigami ( Deus da Morte no japonês literal, Ceifeiro de Almas ou Soul Reaper, na adaptação para português ou inglês). São almas especializadas em combates que mantem o equilíbrio entre os mundos DESCRIÇÃO DO TRAJE: O Traje consiste numa Capa Preta com uma gola tipo do drácula, o rosto do traje tem uma máscara q cobre do rosto já a outra metade é o apenas normal do personagem e tem dois pequenos chifres que eu fiz inspirado em Um Anime Famoso, o tecido do Traje mostra a Capa Toda Preta e na cabeça o cabelo normal do personagem com os dois pequenos chifres em cima . OBS: Não sou muito bom com Desenhos e nem app de edição ☹️mas espero que gostem da minha ideia.
  6. Um demônio que teve metade da cara cortada por um grande samurai, mas sua vontade era igual fogo e sua alma foi substituída por fogo. Aldous, br- turmalina
  7. 7 História: Com o decorrer da guerra da lança as florestas foram usadas como campo de batalha e ao longo do tempo ambas facções tiravam os recursos das florestas sem limites, as criaturas mágicas e não mágicas foram cada vez desaparecendo Junto com as grandes florestas e a magia dele cada vez mais fraca, com isso em uma tentativa de proteger a vida na floresta a mãe natureza jogou suas fúria contra os moradores de arinar numa tentativa de afastar a guerra das florestas e assim surgiu o guardião da floresta a Fúria da natureza. Descrição: um monstro feito de planta, suas pernas são raízes e seus braços ramas de planta e folhas, seu peitoral é coberto por caules e folhas no seu ombro cresce um caule enrolado e sua cabeça é uma enorme flor com uma boca cheia de dentes no centro e uma língua pontuda exalando um forte veneno.
  8. Hello! I was thinking about how costumes are quite rare and very expensive. So why not add guild costumes that guild leaders can design for their members? One example is that more "plain" costumes can be for newbies while more "ordnate" costumes can be for heirs and guild leader. The guild leader can set the color and design any time
  9. O famoso "Sopro dourado" carrega uma grande armadura dourada com detalhes em bronze, uma grande capa com plumas ao redor do pescoço, um cinto que dizem ser feito com pelos dos maiores e mais ferozes animais. Onde o Sopro dourado chega, é avistado de longe por causa da sua armadura reluzente fazendo seus inimigos logo perderem suas forças ao avista-las.
  10. the harbinger is seen days before the apocalypse starts, he is the one that opens the gates of hell allowing the demon hoards to over run the mortal world. this is a floating skeleton/demon character made mainly of hellstone, bone and demon wings, i hope the picture is enough to get the idea across, the wings should have a slite flapping animation and may also have a few holes in them. great contest btw just too bad i found out about it only today :D. demoncore EU-emerald regards
  11. Well, lets just get straight to the point. I feel like this game needs costumes that are permanently rare. Meaning that it will not be obtainable ever since the release period of it. I personally have a lot of cool costumes that are from wayyyyy back when the game kicks off. But they keep coming back and they just feel less and less exclusive. Oddirently speaking, there are probably thousands of costume around and it is getting hard to differentiate between actual good, rare costume. You may say thats a bit selfish, but i do wana bring meaning to spending tones of money on costume and finally, you stand out beyond all people around. But later just... boom, u can get the costume again in a way easier manner. It could be something like seasons, 1-2year could be a nice threshold where old costume before that will become exclusive and not obtainable. Especially those old boss costume, event costume and lb award costume. It will only encourage the flow of the game, because the price can increase as time goes on, theres nothing to lose for you. Even cheap costume will gain value later on, and you can proudly present it to show u are an old player and deserve every bits of its glory</
  12. I had few options, no strength and a little trick. I always wore the worst. While I was practicing, I observed a beautiful, young and polished acorn with its brown shell, and I carried a shower of acorns on my head. - - - - - Ironic, Server EU-Emerald.
  13. 🌸🌺 Spring princess 🌺🌸 Spring Princess is a nature lover girl. She lives in a flowery garden surrounded by little animals and she really loves nature and try to protect it. Her dress is made by small flowers collected by her best friend Mr. Squirrel 🐿️ Mr. Squirrel 🐿️ also suggested that she put one of the flowers in her hair 🌷 Art concept This is a costume thought to be easily adaptable to Warspear Online. I used the existent pixel base to create this piece. The main idea is to show the original character's hairstyle. A flowery themed costume can be released in spring event or in any other promo since we have very few female costumes compared to male's. Original size: I hope you enjoy it !! Thyria BR-Tourmaline
  14. I started to create new pixel arts and yes the anatomy of my art is little different from warspear's developers Update #1 Meet Guardian Of the Chosens Update #2 OH look another one Meet the Corruptor Update # 3 Meet the Illusionists (2 versions) Update # 4 Meet the Bouncer (Cyborg) Update # 5 I also started to create structure like this one Update # 6 Update # 7
  15. The Shadow Of Spring is Based off of the Shadows that sprawl over the Land of Arinar in Spring Time when Rain Covers The Land to Breathe Anew The Armor Resembles That of the Arinar Legend,The one of how the Spring Prince passed away into Wickedoras Clutches who made him become The darkness that comes with the Storm. (PS sorry for bad Image Qaulity hope the Color Scheme and Body is Enough to Base a costume off of)
  16. Hello everyone, my creation was created after a good few hours of work. I wanted it to be related to warspear online, but also to be original and have an element of love as the closing date is the 15th which is a day past Valentine's. I also wanted to create a costume which would be unique but also fit in with warspear online colours and themes. So here it is Story: Years had passed after the lands of Arinar had separated, it was far from peaceful but that's to be expected from a world full of wondering hero's. Both evil and good had been facing each other in battles far greater than anyone could imagine. Only best of the best were capable of defeating their enemies while staying alive, hero's with powers greater than the rest. Axil, the world's most powerful priest, who had defeated enemies bigger than himself; Hydra, Koronus or even Spawn were no match for him. Everything went the way he planned, except one thing. He was the greatest but was unhappy, as he never got to taste what true love really feels like. After sometime Axil decided to travel back from Irselnort to Langasard, back to his home land where he planned to help with the training of the next generation of warriors. Just at the port he decided to enter one of the local business, the journey got him hungry and you can't train with an empty stomach. After he entered he couldn't believe his eyes, his childhood friend was working there, Anna. As children Axil and Anna loved to play with one another, but unfortunately Axil had to train and join the army unit to make his land and father proud. Axil asked Anna if she wouldn't mind spending some time with him after work, to catch up on stuff. Anna agreed and Axil left the place with a smile, he didn't know it yet but it was a start of something much bigger than he him self could even think off. Axil and Anna had great time that evening, they talked alot, told each other stories and laughed. Weeks had passed and they both spend every time they could together, before Axil knew it, he fell in love. He loved how her eyes twinkle, how her smile shines and how her personality speaks. He was unsure how to tell her how he feels about her, because after all he never told any girl his feelings as he was never truly in love. One afternoon Axil decided to tell Anna everything, how he feels about her. Unfortunately after he told her everything she was awkward and didn't want anything else than friendship, she said "Axil, don't get me wrong. You're cute, real cute... But I just want to stay friends". Axil was heart broken, for days he wouldn't eat nor socialize. Two weeks had passed, and Axil decided he wasn't gonna give up on the one true love. He told himself if she won't love him, then he'll make her love him. That morning he looked into a spell book, unfortunately there was only one love spell, which he had never heard off. Axil had to gather two materials for this spell, an item of true love and true hate. He knew that a piece of Anna's hair would do the trick for the true love item, as he loved her more an anything else he could imagine. But he wasn't certain where he could find proper item of true hate. He asked his old mentor and they said "Legend says that the Garahan, who created the evil was held underground in the lands of Ayvodil before his final escape...". Axil listened to the full story and decided to go visit the caves of Ayvodil in search of the dragons scale, which would act as an item of true hate. After two days of rest, Axil traveled to Ayvodil to find the cave in which the dragon was under captivity in. After many hours of search he didn't find a single thing, just when he was about to give up an stash of rocks got his attention. He moved them away and a path opened upon him. He entered the cave of the dragon. It took him hours of looking around but he found it, a half of a dragon scale. This would be enough to create a love spell. Unfortunately as Axil picked it up, an massive energy of evil went through his body, the scale was so powerful that it had corrupted Axils body. It has turned him into an evil human being, the scale had so much power it has grown dragon wings made out of pure hearted on his back. His white cloths had turned black. Axil had became known as Priest Of Corruption as he traveled terrorising people all over Ayvodil. When suddenly he disappeared. The legend says that Priest Of Corruption is now an minion of the Garahan. He's under the influence of the darkest soul which ever stepped on Arinar. It is said that only the kiss of true love could save him, unfortunately no one knows where he is.. I hope that the story was enjoyable and entertaining. It was fun working on this project and I can't wait to see the results My Snapchat, for those wanting to ask any questions about my creation.
  17. Does anyone sell or know anyone who sells any color troll costume on eu emerald? ingame name: aelandin edit: im on elf side-_-
  18. Hey so I got the DLC stuff cus it sounded like a dope deal but the costumes back is all messed up... it’s called “Priest” which is a male... and when “Priestess” is a female. I think the back of the head is suppose to show whatever Your Haircut on your char is. That would make sense... Female Haircut on back ruins it. And I’ve asked everyone so far who has it and they agree.
  19. Hey there! In advance I would like to apologize in case if my creation does not obtain your liking. Let me introduce him to you right away. He is... Well pretty much not where he is supposed to be. His name is [Ordinary gamer guy]. He has absolutely no idea how he ended up in the world of Arinar. At the moment he is in the tavern of Armor Cliff trying to explain the bartender what on earth an arcade machine is. Noone on Islernort has ever heard of such magic artifact, but based on what this wierd looking guy said it must be something awesome. [Ordinary gamer guy] wears a grey T-shirt with neon stripes on it. He has jeans and white sneakers. They are totally ordinary pieces of clothing probably from some mass fashion shops like H@M or C@A. He wears a gamer headphone, even now that he cannot use it properly. Well, at least it filters out the frightening cries of monsters. Bad thing he also can't hear what his mates tell him, so he always goes on his own ways... The heroes of Arinar often look down on him for he seems to be a bit... Wierd. He says he learned fighting in the world of Warcraft. What place is that? Are there any monsters like over here? Noone on Islernort has ever been there. ---------- I created [Ordinary gamer guy] hoping that he would get into the game. How awesome would he look, among every kind of fantasy characters, with his headphones and modern clothing! My data: • Character: Tatelan • Realm: EU-Emerald I really hope you like this guy. Even if he's not such a great creation. Feel free to comment! Ben EDIT: As promised, I created an [Ordinary gamer girl]. She is not part of the contest entry (I do not qualify her), but I thought it would be fair with the ladies if I created a female version, too. Enjoy!
  20. Hey guys! I decided to join the costest and hope you enjoy my costume! Please leave your comments bellow if you like it ! Good luck to all! During the great break at the War of the Spear, a gap to the abyss was open, a source from which warlocks and necromancers extracted their power and became experts in forbidden magic. A legend says that one of Moraktar's most powerful Warlocks of the Dark Age had discovered a way to evoke the most pernicious creatures known in black magic books, but during one of his experiments, the warlock disappeared and all his knowledge has been lost in the eternal silence. Some say that he was devoured by a creature so powerful and complex that even he wasn't able to control, others believe that he was possessed, becoming a beast and losing his human appearance forever. His death weakened the Legion, and thus the knowledge on these creatures became limited. But after centuries of war, a novice from the lineage of the mighty warlock returned to such studies in secret. He traveled to places devastated by the war and labyrinths where time and space were only illusions. During his journey he also learned technologies left by blue-skinned wisemen who his ancestors had never seen, dominating most of the dark magic. Even so, there was still hidden knowledge that even the most brave warriors and sages weren't able to explore during centuries of war. Knowledge that can be learned neither in Pyramids nor Flying islands among the clouds, but from the denizens of the depths of a sapphire ocean. The late warlock had been the first to study those magnificent creatures and the novice was now obsessed with the answer to their mystery. After years of search he discovered in one of the Berengar's scrolls, notes mentioning a single creature that would be able to cross turbulent swirls and impassable swamps, to escape to the caves between the dark oceanic rocks A venomous sea monster with ferocity to kill dozens of human beings in a single blow when provoked. The young warlock believed that this creature, or what remained of his ancestor, could only have found shelter for so long in the depths of still unexplored waters. He dived into the waters of the Eternal Forest and has begun his search for the so-called Octopus of Azure Rings. - The costume: "Octopus" is a denizen of the deepest parts of the Azure Shallows. His slimy and slippery beard of tentacles hides a venomous beak, capable of putting the unfortunate victim to death within minutes. At the end of his arms, there's a pair of hard crab-like claws. These natural gauntlets assure a firm grip on a weapon, but possess enough strength to cut through steel alone as well. His attire is a memento of his first victim, who dared to venture too deep to his territory. The suit of a shipwrecked sailor who now lies in their watery grave. Different colors: Search sources:
  21. Hello everybody! First of all, I want to thank you for showing interest in my costume and I want to say in the very beginning that any kind of praise as well as constructive criticism is welcome. I've also written a story to my costume, you can skip it though if you're not interested. Also I will apologize for my English, I do know it's not the very best. ________________________________________________________________________ Description: Costume Name: Apollyon Apollyon, also known as the Fallen Angel of the Abyss is extremely arrogant, aggressive and violent. His only goal is eternal life and the Spear of the War to gain ultimate power and he will do whatever it takes to achieve this. He has big black eagle-like wings and red eyes which can shoot fire beams. Furthermore he's wearing red gloves and a red boot, representing his home, the hell. ________________________________________________________________________ Story behind the costume: Apollyon wasn't always called "Apollyon", he once was a real Angel called Uzziel and together with the other Archangels and the Gods of Arinar, he ruled over the lands and the paradise in heaven for millions of years. But very soon the end of Uzziel was approaching. It all started on the day when the Gods created the first humans. After just a few thousand years they populated the entire world and ruled over it. From then on, it was the Angels' duty to take care of the humans and keep them safe. Most of them did what they were told. However, Uzziel had an argument with the Gods and their decision and he doubted his lords. He told them that humans are full of greed and hatred and he rejects the idea of taking care of such creatures when all they do is destroy. The lords however didn't like the thinking of their underling. They banned him from heaven and made Uzziel himself a merely human. Uzziel was boiling with pure rage. It was such a dishonor for him to be on the same level as the creatures he hated. His rage rose and rose when suddenly, he fainted and woke up in a dark, yet hot and fire-red place. The devil himself brought Uzziel to hell. He felt Uzziel's unbearable rage against humanity and his former Gods and he wanted to have Uzziel for his own demon army. The Devil gave Uzziel his now black wings, Apollyon the demon was born. Together with the other Archdemons he's spreading terror all over the lands of Arinar, taking innocent lives and causing as much destruction as possible leaving everything in chaos and ruin. ________________________________________________________________________ I hope you like my costume and leave your comment below! May the best one win http://imgur.com/HODsZ8g -Nutman
  22. We got to admit that the inventory by the way it is at the moment, is a bit messed up. You can't sort stuffs by type, you can't move or organize it in any way. And a big problem i've noticed about buying a few costumes is that they occupy precious slots of inventory. So, my suggestion is basically to introduce a new window clickable through the current "Character > Equipment > Costume Slot" window. A new window will open, and it should look like this: In there it should be a preview of all costumes you currently own and have dressed at least once, so it wouldn't interfere on the costumes you want to sell without using. Once the costumes no longer take place in the inventory, everyone will be willing to get countless costumes and even collect them all. Click "Like This" if you like the idea That's it. Leave comments with your thoughts. Best regards, Laur
  23. Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican multi-day holiday, acknowledged internationally.In 2008 the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Scholars trace the origins of the modern Mexican holiday to indigenous observances dating back hundreds of years and to an Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl, lady of death - or La Catrina; wife of Mictlantecuhtli - La Muerte; lord of the dead. this is one of the liveliest Mexican events, because, they say, the dead come to visit their relatives. It's celebrated with food, cakes, party, favorite music and candy, the favorite of children are sugar skulls. People use skull masks, wear clothing with painted skeletons or fantasize death and decorate their houses with flowers. The festival begins in 31 Oct, ends in 2 Nov. Coinciding with Halloween; I had the help of a brilliant artist amoung us to transform my ideas into art, here are some suggestions of costumes for next halloween events: La Catrina black La Catrina scarlet La Muerte Corpse hatter
  24. id like to see a costume that turns me into ghost mabye doesnt change apperance (can see the set or gear im wearing) but makes me a ghost like invis pot but less transparent and mabye a slight shade of different colors to differ from invis
  25. Ummm,, Does Guild Merchant stay there long? or will it be removed soon? I want it stay there forever so that i can buy what i want.
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