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  1. What kind of game engine you guys were using?
  2. Draentic

    The teleportation script is a wack

    As I told that we can't receive any invulnerability effect that's why I'm constantly dying
  3. Like I used to remember that we used to teleport near the door but right now we have to die brutally and instantly in the middle of the bosses, seriously Algrind pls fix it already, this quest is already hard and don't make it harder for us
  4. Draentic

    Quest Dialog corrections/Bugs

    I can't pass through, they forget to remove it
  5. Draentic

    My Horrible Pixel arts

    I started to create new pixel arts and yes the anatomy of my art is little different from warspear's developers Update #1 Meet Guardian Of the Chosens Update #2 OH look another one Meet the Corruptor Update # 3 Meet the Illusionists (2 versions) Update # 4 Meet the Bouncer (Cyborg) Update # 5 I also started to create structure like this one Update # 6 Update # 7