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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Erta06 in Various PvE solo's and more!   
    Two more and a third on the way!


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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Erta06 in Various PvE solo's and more!   
    Ive started making my own series on PvE challenges and more which I'd like to show to the community.



    More video's will follow, make sure to keep track for future content!
    Also, if anyone has suggestions regarding what to do, let me kno with a reply and watch your idea being done!
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from fkum777 in death call skill bugged?   
    Because a mod plays the game more than an everyday player.
    Keep telling us false info, itll make you look good.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from nabnecro in [2015.11.30] Update Warspear Online 5.3 Warrior's Path. Preview   
    delete your druids if youre not satisfied, apparently there are classes with more stuns.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Tood in Dks = Strong?   
    As in dk vs barb or dk in general?
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from GRAAv in Guild Creation Limit   
    Hop of his corrupted nuts Aze.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from GRAAv in Guild Creation Limit   
    He's an old fascist that has a healthy mind.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Ikafati in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    Today it's been a fun day.
    I'll just point out that this guy remains "very respected" by his own members despite certain facts said during the rage vent of him *cough*

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    Maleshaman got a reaction from GRAAv in MCOIN tax?   
    I run into it everywhere I buy them, like you said yourself I've informed the local bank I'm with aswell and let me tell you these people don't kno jack sh- about 3rd party payments.
    The extra tax however remains from paypal/google play amd or your mobile provider (depending which payment you use)
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    Maleshaman reacted to Raislin in FIX STONE BODY   
    He's complaining about the fact that because enemies cant use their skills on you they get all skills off cooldown too. Which brings me to question even if they could use skills on you while you were petrified , what's the point? Doubt anyone would ever use skills on you if you were petrified after the first time you were petrified and they didn't hit jack shit.
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    Maleshaman reacted to Jigsaw-PZ in [2015.04.28] Warspear Online 4.10. Artisans of arts. Release   
    You have to update your version of the game. I can disassemble them all at 9.10
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Baryon in Worst/Least useful skills and why   
    Rogues- all they do is stealth.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Chickenfly in [2015.04.02] Warspear Online 4.9: One on one. Release   
    Yes they do Luka
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    Maleshaman reacted to Ikafati in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    Somewhere in the depths of Ayvondil, there is a creature hiding, hiding not to be killed.
    The creature know, he has many enemies, because of the many victims he caused..
    But it wasn't just a creature, it was the legendary SPAWN!
    5 Hero's where searching for this creature, but many people said we couldnt.
    They said to kill such a strong horrible monster you need a army, an army of elves.
    But we proofed them wrong!
    We the Fiverio hunters, went through the army of the Legendary spawn, and when we found him he laughed at us, saying we were ''nothing''.
    But in a blink of an eye, the Legendary spawn was finally killed, by the new ''legendary'' hunters!
    #noshaman #nofilter #ripenglish #sendhelp

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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Turtle in Dual specialization one handed mace for paladin and dead knight   
    Probably from rogues and blade dancers getting hatchets, no logic there either.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Raislin in Arena Rewards   
    OP is a faggot, kek.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Legionn in Abuse of Power   
    Incase you didn't get the memo No I'm not basicly saying that but go ahead and read won't stop you from doing so.
    The memo:
    Childish topic, assumptions it's favoritism wich it was not. Mods do contact you personal when needed.
    Copying another to provoke that person to some sort of action> you got what you deserved.
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    Maleshaman reacted to Mecha in Abuse of Power   
    whats with all this generalizing? unless you are referring to every single mod and admin, stop acting like it, and say the names of the ones you talk about. We are different individuals, not a single entity.
    And no, you dont have to kiss ass or treat admins/mods like gods. But you should at least show some respect if you want some in return. wasnt it you that spammed duplicate topics and used abusive language against the entire AIGrind staff (including mods and admins) because you didnt like something about the game? Yes, it was you. So it goes both ways. Nobody has to kiss your ass either or show you more respect than what you have shown.
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    Maleshaman got a reaction from Hazelnut in In-game moderation   
    Could agree on this way of thinking aswell.
    Wouldn't say fmods abuse a pmods status tho just because they had their arguement over a third matter, but my meaning was some players ingame don't fancy the idea of a fmod becoming a pmod dueing "hatred"
    Typing that made it sound exactly the same but yea hope you get the point.
    Also aware of Runescape's system regarding pmods, if you ask me it could be a nice way of education aswell.
    Reward one for living by the rules and not being immature in a society (how I see it at least)
    It's going to need some shape shifting but the outcome would be worth it.
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    Maleshaman reacted to Ikafati in In-game moderation   
    We really need it. The chat is filled with spammers, account traders, racists and offensive comments. Therefore, people get mad, hacked, come to the forums and just cause unnecessary trouble. Forum was a messy place before mods were chosen to monitor threads and it fixed lots of problems and made this place nicer. Why not select some mods for in-game monitoring? Ask us to fill a similar form to apply, select the players in a way, so that there is at least 1 mod online most of the time and who seem legit. If a selected mod misbehaves, simply punish him. IMO, this would help everyone
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    Maleshaman reacted to Ikafati in In-game moderation   
    This needs some clarification
    1. You won't be able to completely BAN people. Probably mute only (maybe should've refrazed the title but whatever)
    2. Using your mod powers for your personal use would be a punishable offence and should range from a mute to a permaban. Reports with clear proof should be provided
    3. Devs would choose the in-game mods like they chose forum mods. We trust them (most of I guess) and I don't see why you wouldn't trust an in-game mod
    4. If you can tell how this is a bad idea, I'll give you a cookie. Please clarify your arguments
    And yes, this has been suggested before, just like 90% of other suggestions, but I think if people keep suggesting stuff and others support it, it's obviously a good and needed thing
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