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  1. Kind of suspect it being like this because of the whole revive flag killing arguments that were lit up shortly after the release. I'm wondering why we even have the buffs under our bars after this was changed.
  2. This is alot to read.. Greetings from Male regardless
  3. I've lost interest in that game a bit ago, not only dueing the game itself but dueing being busy with other stuff aswell.
  4. Will it be availble to disamble rings/amulets and capes in the future or isn't this planned to be released dueing reasons?
  5. Would make penetration an option aswell, good suggestion.
  6. Apk file from site worls finely for me. Just one thing that I'm wondering, which has been mentioned before etc, the priest skill armistice seems to have not been buffed in damage and decreased in cool down. Last night there was a server resset where I assumed this was going to be fixed etc. Any words when they'll fix these?
  7. Got my support, not only from tank perspective but for some free content that earns you something aswell. Latest lots are all from dungeon which require either 5 free stamina's or well gues it. PvE aspect should be updated, would make a new grand mile stone for Warspear aswell.
  8. I have a question regarding these free offers, only had myne working finely so far and all but my question is; How often are new offers added/refreshed?
  9. Forgot that your rogue was cruelty but afterwards it explained, bonuses were in my favour yes
  10. Don't want to interupt but Yoshikis here. I think you got a bit nixed up with what you were saying on video, you got close but in the end sea killed me xd
  11. Probably from rogues and blade dancers getting hatchets, no logic there either.
  12. But they already can, unless you mean dual wield 1h maces then no.
  13. I'm not Greek and I'm not motivated to look up a whole list of ancient Greek gods neither
  14. I've completed my first play trough on this emu, gotta say the story still strikes the heart and mind at times.. Overall results that I expected were worse then the outcome.. so in a way I'm proud for not being total poo. I'll share the results here.
  15. Echidna is one of them aswell.
  16. Fact #69 Some lab bosses are taken from ancient Greek mythology.
  17. That's correct, tho I'd gladly invite turtle over to proof his "worthy" arguement
  18. Renamed the guild Chris? But why xd
  19. Only works on childeren. If you kno what I mean wink*
  20. Xd nice try Azebu, we both kno the endings here
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