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  1. ive had too dc a lot but with android phone and iPad. And Lordyasir gets dc every 2min ;D when he lays so thats annoying ;D but i think its tye server?
  2. juoppoja


    myy se mun necrolle :lol:
  3. juoppoja


    waiting u to come online :'(
  4. Mc 10.5 friday Nadir Sard bar ugly guy
  5. juoppoja


    hahaha muuten vaa partyssa ;D ja appelsssssiiiini kyllä oot op :blush:
  6. 6lvl is pro level :diablo: :blush: ;D
  7. it wasnt war it was just fast rush ;D
  8. juoppoja


    koska hakkasin sen oikees elämäs niin se rupes itkee 8)
  9. juoppoja


    Huhhuh vihdoinki, ticksitki loppu :'(
  10. hahahaaa when moreb is resp on place he dont use puddle why :'( ;D haha looked fun :blush:
  11. juoppoja


    juoppodeth menee tänääm aivan vitun varmasti parhaan #50 joukkoon 5x5 arenassa ;D rating on about 550arenaa 480 voittoo?
  12. Well those who still do it relic is 8.5 wednesday at graybeard :spiteful:
  13. Just searched and didnt find this about us? But then i thought ill make one so feel free to put relic place here when you find it. 8)
  14. eeeewwww, no1 is hotter than pvprange :diablo:
  15. hahahahahaha! I love them i want play with those giants!
  16. Heloo all mother f u c k e r s! :blush:
  17. juoppoja


    Testing testing. no rights reserved tai jtn. Ei ole minun tyyppi kaverin crit
  18. XD ive played on pc twice but how does it matter what internet system (explorer. Firefox. Chrome etc...) when u play ws? Cuz isnt it downloaded file on computer? ;D
  19. This connection is really bad for players so can you guys do the ASAP thing ma bumbum again ;D Would be cool to play without connection lost :lol:
  20. juoppoja


    :tease: kiva si ku joku scämmmää sen
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