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  1. lol thought this thread died along time ago :shok:
  2. i read this and then dreamt later that night about running around with a lvl 20 sword so maybe it will happen :rofl:
  3. u can download the game from the website heres a link Download latest game client v3.8
  4. im gonna bring back the dinosaurs eventually ull see :rofl:
  5. i had the same issue i have an e5 as welljust keep entering game and eventually it will stay and do a 3kb update and u wont have anymore problems
  6. if solo astral :) ill follow u and still ur farm XDjk
  7. bc just imagine one sec ur a rouge sneaking thru elf town then a barb tanking dinalt while ur once rouge friend heals u as a shaman :pardon:
  8. or they could give armor a rating and that total rating is ur score that way u dont have somone like pvprange fighting a no amp character
  9. i disagree thought u meant u could get a bonus for maxing out the skill like 5-5 merciless strike add bleed or maybe 5-5 bone shield adds a little heal
  10. what if i said it was really a space shuttle ;)
  11. Welcome to TheConvicted News: Leave your class, hero name, and lvl for possible recruitment Events: Under Construction Leader: Xconshadow lvl 19 rogue Heirs: Xconhero lvl 13 shaman Explorers: Rookies: Requirements: lvl 12 and up
  12. im pretty sure they mean demonologist ;)
  13. im a lvl 19 rouge and i still havent finished six shadow :rofl: edit: nvm im done now
  14. umm welll u see the thing is that u cant do this :rofl: ur drunk go home :drinks:
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