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  1. When I updated Warspear Online weeks ago, I noticed the Online Support Chat was included. After few maintenance in-server, I'm just curious of its non-usage of the option. If I were wrong, I was using an android phone. Hope you will understand :)
  2. Sentinels are too lucky of immobility skills and purifying buffs. This what Legions are unlucky to have their weak point. So, there's NO need to make Sentinel side stronger as withhold to balance the game. Or either made the game not fair to have players in side of Legion.
  3. haha I just saw this but I'm there :give_rose:
  4. EXTREME WARS BETWEEN ELF AND MC (MC STILL AT T4 CARAVAN :spiteful:) THE WAR BEFORE THE SERVER MAINTENANCE :rofl: "And the time when the four nations met for a final battle is coming..."
  5. I restarted that but still didn't show at map. :unknw: But yeah, some can be fixed by restarting but also needs to be fixed :)
  6. NOTE: Try to add more bugs related to the title to be fixed at the comments! :) Greetings! This topic is most likely need to fix due to that it is related to quest. Some map legends of quest; more likely of them: !, !, •, ?, ?; all of them can be located at the map. But, some of these signs are invisible at map but visible at the area. This seems to be a problem for natural quest-seekers that seeks quest to earn gold and some rewards, like potions, that they need to do more quest or to farm. For example at quest-giver Vittair; the area map and the direct quest-giver doesn't match. For WS Online Community; please fix this as soon as possible, so players that usually entertain by quests can relief. --Syndromes
  7. No. Reason. :unknw::unknw::unknw:
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: RANGERS ARE THE BEST LONG-RANGE CLASS ;D
  9. lol the numbers of hits including atks blessing counter and powerful shot is not 300! 600! 300! 300! because the last 300 is not included this 300! 600! 300! is correct because... A attack is only added by a blessing so it is 2 not 3 Maybe the critical hit doubles to make it 4 MAX IS 4 ATTACKS
  10. [move] :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: [/move]
  11. magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol maybe u are EU EMERALD!! :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:
  12. just see the map for your support in that quest :rofl:
  13. death is considered if your char is deleted, just like my bd :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout:
  14. ya me too when i logged in my account then my lvl 14 blazeblast is erased already :shok: :( whyyyyyyyyyyyy
  15. i tried to my brb blazeblast lvl 14 but the result is... he is lvl1? what is this?
  16. BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOO :'( :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  17. my habit is to reply now :)
  18. Sir Legion, i can join also if my players are deleted? :search:
  19. ;D Where we can get pets but only animals are all beast But some animals are allied but only stay by itself :'( Just make pt if u want hlp ok :spiteful:
  20. Syndromes

    Skill build

    But if the situation like this... If your health regenerators (even energy) is in odd form, this will be the result... example 59 ÷ 2 is equal to 29 with remainder 1 The remainder is not included because the warspear online must NOT exceed to the specified regeneration, as they requested
  21. U eed to change ur punishment of traitoring the rules Rules 1-2 Added to ignore or enemy list Rules 3-4 Clan dismissal LOL THOSE PUNISHMENTS WERE WEAK, PLEASE TELL TO THE SENATE OF YOUR COUNTRY TO APPROVE IT ;D
  22. Some ranger's blessings were missed ;D better dodged blessings 8) Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! For blessing, attack, and powerful shot! i want them all missed! great :)
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