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  1. u think they gonne put away the lvl 18 gear from the rewards in swamp? :search:
  2. odd bug, but i still think its funny ;D
  3. just lil shopping in armour cliff and making friends whit the mc quest giver whit mine paladin ;D
  4. lol i think agustia died? :blush:
  5. i think paladins and priests are pretty noobs in arena :shok:
  6. what must we do then to folow those kind steps? :)
  7. aww to bad :( but they replay all the time like the system isnt avaible at the moment so they could alteast say that it is impossible to get deleted chars back :( they replay me "Hello. Unfortunately, character recovering service is not available at the moment, but we hope that soon it'll be available. Wait for announcements on forum and in the game! Stay tuned! Best regards,Warspear Online [/color]Support Team" so i asked when that is avaible they replay "Hello. Unfortunately, we don't know when this service will be available, but if it will be up then we'll restore characters right in the same conditions as they were before deleting. [/color]Best regards, Warspear Online [/color]Support Team" so ya then i think oh i can get them back :\ :unknw: [/color]
  8. but how other ppl got it back then? :unknw:
  9. i just want them back was a big mistake to do it i know :facepalm:
  10. metaltaste

    deleted chars

    me and mine friend where wondering if there is a way to get our chars back that hav been deleted. we msged suport many times but they saying that the character retrieve system isnt avaible at the moment. but i know some people that get they characters back so why we cant get them back? :unknw:
  11. i honestly dnt know :| im confused too a bit D:
  12. i mean that bottle that is just a normal bottle i think they meant whit accuracy that u hit them on weak places so u hit more idk but for me its still a mistery whit that shadow of berangar mirror/mirrow thingy
  13. everyone knows it that it is a lil fail but well also like that berangar shadow item it got called mirrow in elf and mirror in mc...
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