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  1. The original set up for those original weapons have different attributes that is true. However if you look at all the new weapons coming from the new instances most of them have Life steal. Also to include the armor's. Which is why the inquiry was made relevant to those issues. P.s. naturally Rondel has less damage even the original swords had less when compared to doom and rondel. However it could conceivably include a different set up but still maintain a BONUS of the most recent added life steal as most of the gear and weaponry have it.... Again. Thanks so much. Sancho~
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there was going to also be an adjustment to the NEW level 19 weapons. The Rondel of endless war (has) Life steal. The Gladius does not......was this in error? Also were these weapons meant to have NO apparent Bonuses or will they be added. Thanks so much for your assistance. Sancho~
  3. Who won the BD tournament? Pliskin had I forget....
  4. Can anyone tell me who the best BD is on server. Just curious.... for both skill and gear????
  5. What about that BD Yins, he's like one of the first I think...
  6. Would be happy to help in any way everyone. ;) yes the defense is 5469 and attack with full damage is 672
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows who the best BD in game is right now, not for gold. Just for gear, weapons and Hitting power.
  8. WOW all her gear +10 or just the staff??? :shok: I wonder who is the best BD in game just curious :unknw:
  9. I am not trying to sell it im trying to Trade it LOL read the Title of post Re: TRADING- WELL-TRIED COMPOSITE BOW- FOR A WELL-TRIED BLADE I was saying i dont want gold or Mc if someone offers it thats my point. Thanks and your probably right sorry for putting in here and not in Tavern
  10. I am on the US-Saphire server, Response to this message leave your in game name. And i will PM you If you have a Blade. I was already Offered 1,2 MIL Gold And Items from Shop MC But i don't benifit from those cause i buy alot of MC now as it is and i already have gold. Thanks and let me know. Brief History: Well-Tried Composite Bow / Its is in my and others opinions, the rarest drop in game to my knowledge. I know that few people have it. And more people have Blade than a Bow. :good:
  11. sancho33


    Looking for Berengar High boots (BD) Paying very well. Pm me Yins Lots of Items and Three GLadius
  12. It.was all team work. Thanks Az. It's Yins
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