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  1. Come on devs this is real money we are talking about , my suggestion is to at least make it 10 mcoins for 10 items
  2. lol he acts like beastmodes and kittyunited all put together into one big ass noob
  3. Wow pvprange your forum bio says your 34 if that is true there is truly something wrong with you because a 34 year old should not be acting like that
  4. That naughty boy is Xmoonlight and she sure enjoys using that N word doesnt she?
  5. I know what it means but its just the way it is being used which is funny. Because its true. Alot of noobs do move to ranger class
  6. lmfao he says a lot of noobs FLOCK to the class :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. This game got super boring since you devs added swamps now it seems like everyone just want to get better items instead of uniting as a faction and having huge wars. I even go in trade chat to start a convo and i get no replies just more noobs selling and trading items while standing in town all day. Whats the fun in that? There is no fun in trying to be the strongest player when you dont use your new gear for major wars... I been playing since January 2012 but I really started to grasp the concept of this game over the summer with things such as amping and stuff and the free time I had with this game in the summer was a complete blast. I liked the sight of trash talk in tc (call me crazy) but hey thats what made me feel like this was the warspear i fell in love with in January. No one wants to start a major war. Most of the cool people left (hopefully they come back) I guess what im trying to say is that it doesnt feel like the same game :/ Swamps just made this game even more boring because now mostly everyone just wants peace at swamps and you need alot of repair scrolls and maybe even pots and revives just to complete one stupid quest. And it brought the camping noobs out more than the people who actually had fun with the game their way ( what i mean by camping noobs is that the people who camp or sit in town trade chat spamming their items trying to sell and then logging off) no war is no fun :/
  8. Sulti

    SO SAD...

    This time I actually feel bad for the lab farmers...
  9. Or how about you make the "useless" stuff worth alot being sold in shop for example a doom/lab bow on mc side be worth 50k in shop and stuff like sun gear be worth around 5k in shop and make like dark gear for fb be worth 5k in shop and lab/doom spears worth like 50k
  10. Now if they get good equip from the quests then they wont be noob anymore now would they?
  11. What???? Your comment has no relevance..
  12. Snorlax i just wanna tell you as a customer that 9 out of 10 people that explored this new map hates the idea of the random teleporting. So can you please take that out or take out the island all together. You couldve just added a few new areas to irselnort and maybe a new bg boss. Or even another cave with a bunch of bosses that people can farm for
  13. Exactly might as well call this astral island.... and if you think about it this island is just another strategy where devs can make money off of players amping their new equipment and buying pots, revivals and repair scrolls
  14. Itll be decent if that teleport randomly shit didnt happen and everywhere you go its mobs that are similar to farming bg. But im pissed at how you teleport to random locations thats like really retarded :facepalm:
  15. Ive never been one to criticize devs but this is a terrible update the island is confusing and i died like 3 times to a standing tiki that one shot kills me like its the beholder so I just gave up. And why does it seem like the whole island is a safe zone for mcs and elves???? and it was dumb how you guys have a teleporter to teleport you randomly when people actually wanted the update to make questing easier. But instead you guys just made questing even more difficult with this update. Thanks for not removing Iselnort dailys because I think ill just stick to those. PS I hate how all the monsters have as much damage as bg mobs -_- This is why the update sucks and didnt meet my expectations because its suppose to make questing shorter and funner and easier but instead they are longer more confusing and I die waaay to much
  16. Damn Can I get a "Credit to Sulti for the good idea"? -_- http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=70774.0
  17. Yes because higher damage output is one of elve's passive skills. And devs put damage similar to healing Seeing as how your crit heal depends on how much your deadliness is at
  18. Lmao run to trade chat? And even a bigger lie call for backup?! I dont have to call for backup for your noob ass i can just kill you myself.
  19. Yes but most people say its for noobs especially the b2k members but not everyone has that high of amp where they can just take damage and still win such as pvp's in the pvp cave
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