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  1. I'm not a BD so can I brag about it a bit? It was a 3v5 anyway...

    not a great viktory! u probably wer using big red beard.. i inspekted an confirmed it so dat probably scared 2 or 3 players of the mc party, wich made a 3v3 or 3v2 fight. u probably rushed with druid an priest followin u and used banner but mcs didn't get in banner's range. Solostar was probably busy with her make up (i inspekted an yea, she is a girl) an robinhood.. i bet he was making a sandwich with chicken and mayoneese (i asked him where he is from, in his country people do stuf like that)


    so you 3, seeing your banner fail, decided to try perfumes but forgot 2 people from ur party were afk, so that failed too, this made mcs laugh so much that their dropped their phones and then you killed them


    i'm not trying to get muted and banned to start a drama, but if you're gonna brag about smelling good, at least make sure you learn how to use a perfume.



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