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  1. momoiro


    thank you , coz ive been having trouble playing 3d games in my phone and if warspear turns to be 3d wow, id be throwing my phone away
  2. the boxes in "sweet dreams" quest gave me a headache no wonder it was very impossible to catch, bugs *-* and i totally tried all portal in hopes those box would be far from the mirror thingy
  3. ​increased guild slot for members became way to exaggerated in my opinion, lower guild levels cant complete anymore and might turn players inside those guild down and guild becomes too overpower
  4. id want a unicorn mount ._. julia would love that too
  5. but walking in ayvo it sooo slowwww ._. and teleporters in ayvo are rare ._.
  6. momoiro


    id like the warspear concept already, much original and if went to 3d how would people using phone play ._. it would require a greater ram and it would take up more device storage ._. , the cross platform idea is what i love about this game
  7. was just hanging in test server for main server to be up then it died >_< waoooo
  8. new video in my channel : Warspear Online 5.7.0 - The Public Wedding Special :

  9. wohoooooo :clapping:amazing and good opportunities are to be met ​
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