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  1. i got both maliat elves an tlalocs reputation completed usin permanence elixirs, never ever failed by a single exp point ! Don't get offended I'm not claiming that you are lying. I'm also not saying that you are lying.
  2. *slays city at insane speed* how to make a penguin smiley?
  3. Panchen


  4. 25.7% dodge is the maximun possible fur a lv14, then add rogu pro skill's / ranger nab skill's dodge percent. dats considerin lv14 accesorys wid old runes in rings 1.7% dodge on rings (sexy tempest signets, halloween chikn dmg rings)-cloak (sexy tempest tippet) 1.9 % on ammy(sexy storm pendant) lv14 new hypr chikn boots with NAB stat reflect dmg but 1.7% dodge old runes on wepuns but cmon #luv4numbers
  5. purple / red named stuf gives purple materials i think ! ders a chance, of course..
  6. me typoing, failing several times to make a 1k offer ! starts with a wrong chat, and even when i get angry and try to say fak i keep typoing !
  7. probably bake pizzas and invite a friend ! what's your favorite pizza type ?! mine roquefort pizza so yummy
  8. oh gawd ! bornito is not bornito, an bornito jus won't show up ! :c bornito, come back ! Jimy, i choose you !
  9. 6 feet is it ok to ask this question instead of any other question just because i like to answer questions but not to ask them?
  10. you throw soup at them ! two things can happend: 1. They stop attacking you and focus on the soup, then you kill them. 2. They ignore the soup! then you throw more soup at them till 1 happends. #panchenslogic not hungry players may need extra chikn Kotaravva is a perfect place to make soup.. so peaceful
  11. 3 Milkchocoz(2400964) (Bladedancer) Level 10 Rating 12407 am talking about (2400964)
  12. Ruland what is that number next to each player's name?
  13. well.. actuali mewtwo hyper ded vs tyranitar #megamagikarp
  14. of course dey strong, dats y i leveled em i men wat wer u spektin, a pdigey? (dragonite from a lv13 dratini, tyranitar from a larvitar). moltres.. ya i caught him bein 50 an btw sexy pro mewtwo keels em all hyperfast #magikarpbestpoke gengar so sexy btw
  15. me staring at that costume for hours...
  16. rite here, replyn deez ! are u a good host wen it cums to social meetins? cuz am a professional !
  17. glasses wont do ! i see his middle fingers oh gawd!
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