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  1. I guess you are a newbie and you don't know about old leaders :) vbima, lordbloody, legionn etc.
  2. New generation wars don't seem to be good like before. We used to have a good leader and everybody listened to him/her. Nowadays nobody listens to a leader and do what they want. So everyone dies in a rush. And it doesn't seem to be fun to make war anymore.
  3. Kaan

    My Posters

    Nice posters my friend!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/WarsPearTurkiye?ref=ts&fref=ts We have the most people in Facebook in a page after Warspear Online official page. Why do you think?
  5. Try downloading SISX-FILE and see if it works.
  6. Büyük ihtimalle gelicek zaten.
  7. Its because he clicks too slow? :pardon:
  8. Kaan


    Actually he adds diffrent numbers on the end of his name so he can unfourtunately spam forever.
  9. 4.5k Def 430 Damage Why are you showing off :bad:
  10. Kaan

    Map correction

    Can you see the little piece that has to be a part of mountain that looks like a grass?
  11. Kaan


    If you mean Zttempt He/she is allready getting banned by developers but he/she comes again everyday with a new IP.
  12. Taverna'ya bir göz at zaten açılıyor.
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