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  1. Lol lets see where i can find a place in a city with tigers, wild boars, snakes and fairys... hmm i think im just going to travel to some forest and buy blades and hunt boars and take a pic xD
  2. Pls remove the logo or paper requirements its just dumb we got a contest about similar looking places of ws in real life what if i take the best picture of a place and dont have any logo because i cant draw i lose? And i live in a city while warspear maps are in forests and mountains where will i found such places in a city duh
  3. Lag + 200 players in map more lag + most chars now got aoe skills with big damage i dont see how this new feature will work... Maybe limit the players number and ban some OP skills And ffs dont tell me revive option will be available if it will then this update will be an attempt to make rich players spend money for revive xD
  4. Hmm that sucks i get why trading anything outside the trade box is illegal but if a player quits and gives away his acc with a million gold inside why would there be a chance for me to get banned as i received the acc FREE Can i sell a guild or mcoins in the future i want to know if my acc would get ban 100% i want a reply from gm to be sure i lvl up 6 chars at once i dont want to end up banned for dumb reasons and have done all the hard work for nothing And if i get a free acc from friend only the acc he or she gave me will be banned or all my accounts?
  5. Most stupid daily in that map it breaks weapon quality fast and they may not drop item when dead Low lvls or low amp take time to kill 1 column and theres chance that somebody else is doing same quest so you have to wait and also enemy players can attack you
  6. Yes pls add a timer for arenas i want to know how much time is left for reasons stated above
  7. I dont get why shadows is so hard compared to other quests... And quest reward is crappy atleast change to 1000 gold or something
  8. Pls add an option to make you be busy mode and not let others to inv you to guild, party and exchange while the option is enabled Would help in arena where random people inv to troll or for other reasons And in farming solo when others keep inviting you to party Ignore would help but i dont want to ignore 100+ players just to not let them inv me
  9. What else sd drop from 200 hp mobs? I only agree on the six shadows that players who done it can still enter to help But cl is good the way it is killing mc/elf bosses may be hard but its worth it and fun high lvls defend boss area and questers kill boss and the questers are on adrenaline mode since they are the targets and worrg that they wont kill the boss xD And after you finish cl you can feel proud for yourself Six shadows quest is plain dumb and not fun at all
  10. There are 3 expert skills now right? Gm should make all 9 key slots to be available for android pc users get an advantage since they can click on all skills easy but we only got 5 slots so it takes a sec to change to other 3 skills then change back again... And how many more skills are you going to add soon we wont have screen room for all hotkeys lol theres only 1 hotkey left for pots for users with 3 expert skills
  11. Acc selling and trading is illegal but what if somebody quits and gives away his acc for free will he or the person who gets the acc be banned? More questions 1. Is guild selling legal 2. Is selling sms mcoins to other players legal If both are legal then why is acc selling illegal since all 3 methods of selling can get you scammed
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