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  1. Isn't it good thing that you can connect? :crazy:
  2. Is it possible to change my name to Tomppazki? ;D
  3. Darkrunes


    Is there a some sort of bug, because I can't change my e-mail adress in account settings.
  4. Send a ticket to the support. They can't help you here.
  5. How am I supposed to get there?
  6. Darkrunes


    Just keep spamming the amp button and hope for the best
  7. Seems legit :pleasantry: :rofl:
  8. Think about it.. would you BAN a person who gives you thousands and thousands of money? :wacko:
  9. We can exchange with other ppl, so why do we need this?
  10. In my opinion we don't need any more skills.. :facepalm: I was actually really happy having just 5 skills. But now those new expert skills? Ugh! :bad:
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