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  1. Yes Roland is great. It's good to have such an active admin in our international forum section.
  2. This topic has been moved to [support]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117467.0[/iurl]
  3. Astral labyrinth update. It brought players together like nothing else in this game. What do reckon is the best feature this game has to provide?
  4. In the hopes that some day he may use it or make profit from it. Wouldnt you?
  5. The perfect quotable sentence in this topic. Indeed.. Beautiful work.
  6. MC Reason: Necro, shaman and rogue Mainly because of rogue. I Love hunting other players, and the rogue is made just for that. ^^ Nothing like being a rogue hunting in elf lands.. so much fun.
  7. Awesome. I'll check it out C:
  8. This topic has been moved to [Class discussion - Rogue]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117289.0[/iurl]
  9. Pretty much. Anything locked to your character, will remain so.
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  11. I'm sure they would be quite busy especially with the steam greenlight. Just keep an eye out for the announcement, in time we shall know.
  12. And locked. You received an answer via your last topic, and that was "patience and watch the announcement board". If an Admin wishes to further add to a topic, he may. If not, just be patient with the rest of us. Duplicating threads/topics may result in a temporary ban. Since you are fairly new, i would like to direct you to our basic forum rules thread/topic. Regardless, welcome to the forum.
  13. Ok.. now that we have plenty of dungeons, how about concentrating on a new farmable dungeon like astral labyrinth? Just a thought, and i'm sure many players would also agree.
  14. Keep an eye out for the announcement. And fyi... it's usually around the date that Poley provided.
  15. Win a guild tournament or/and complete CC quests.
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  17. This topic has been moved to [Class discussion > Rogue]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=89929.0[/iurl]
  18. Here's some information, but i would suggest looking at the quoted topic fully. Much information contained for players whom do not know swamps so well. As for further tips/tricks: > If you have a few minions, you can sacrifice them to lower the catchers hp before diving in yourself. ( for players who have a long distance attack ). > Pots of course. > Wait for the catcher to divert his attention elsewhere before attacking yourself. > Remember.. 500 hp catcher... Realistically, if you cannot dive in and kill it within one or two hits & at least have one decent pot or two on you.. your done for.
  19. The only real way to get to any map in swamps: LUCK ( spamming teleports ). Just note that, that particular map is in small ravva.
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