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    LINK: No quest after reset :-(
  2. "Slimy gaash"? lol. Now waiting for the puns.
  3. Well, it's available now lol. I Went somewhere? o.O
  4. You should know why. They have been installing the new update. It should be available now.
  5. Care to rephrase that? o.O
  6. I Tested and mapped each one myself. Lot of deaths, pots and revives.
  7. As to the how. It will be sent automatically to you each day. Just remember to check the "gift" section of the miracle shop each day.
  8. I Can read Angelo. Dont assume so much.
  9. Yes mixing light and heavy gear can be a key option, but there is quite a few heavy hitters in br lvl14 arena ( myself included ). That extra defence may be missed, but then again.. with the right stats you may just find a balance. But here's the pincher, 44k will not fully set you up. Your looking at 3-10k per equipment piece and a weapon just might just blow your whole budget. Not to mention that lvl13 gears are at an all time low at this point in time, not many people are farming for them. ( br server that is ).
  10. I Think the key question would be.. for what level? Your current level? If so, go with heavy armor. Lvl13 4 stat gears that drop from sea, lake and gs. But use an arena lvl14 chest. As for weapons, if you play as a tanker use acute gladius and a lvl13 shield. More power hungry and can spare the defence, use a Smoking spear. These drop from GG.
  11. Well firstly, you need to complete shadows. Then complete this quest line in the swamps: Then after you have done them, the beginning of the Berengar tower quest line should then become available starting in T5. Once you have done the final quest in berengar tower, that being the heroic quest. Ayvondil quests will then become available beginning in T5. But be aware that those requirements are soon to be changed: Complete the story quest line there while doing the dailies to unlock each Rotten garden difficulty.
  12. Yeah sure, it is most likely all about balance for sure. But i also like to think that it is also the fact that there is no ambidextrous soul in warspear. Go go roleplay ;D
  13. I Don't think they will change the prize just because a player has won the previous season. The prizes will be what they will be.
  14. You can only do the dungeon? You have not unlocked the quest line at Ayvondil?
  15. One topic is enough for this subject. Link: Connection Problem
  16. + for sharing with us your intentions for the maintenance. Just awesome. Please also consider the connection issues that players are experiencing. More info found on the topic in support.
  17. You share your ID in the forum then have the nerve to blame somebody else for your mistake? Fail.
  18. Sulla a noob? just lol. Your clear lack of understanding just makes this topic pointless. You keep getting killed by rogues? Amp your defence, learn to avoid. What part of stop attacking do you not understand when it comes to shamans shield? Increase your mdef to survive totems etc. If your not up to the challenge, go cry in the corner.
  19. One of my old favourite old school cs maps ;D
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