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  1. .... Is this thing on? ( taps the microphone )
  2. I'm very curious as to what is going on with this epidemic x_x Hope everything gets sorted out soon.
  3. I'm terribly sorry, but these types of questions are best asked directly to support via a support ticket. They are also the only ones who can help and answer to such issues. Good luck, and here is the Link to support.
  4. To be honest, it doesn't look like a grim reaper. but it still looks freakin awesome! I'd wear it. Reminds me of an inhuman cult worshiper.
  5. Best to report these through a support ticket, instead of on forum.
  6. Does this mean no more hot unless your account is unlocked? O.O
  7. Hmm. "more diversity in equipments".
  8. Question has been answered, but please, use the search function next time before creating a topic.
  9. Try to do a better grim reaper than my 5 minute throw together.
  10. Are you just recycling old suggestion topics?
  11. Give it time and see what the admins/support team says. You did send support a ticket yes?
  12. Send a ticket to support asking them who kicked those ranks, and be careful who your rank up.
  13. I Have personally found the skill quite useful as is, and do not see the drama about it. It's not a solo skill, it's team based. Dont like it, dont get it eh?
  14. Your question has been answered in your previous topic. Please do not create multiple topics.
  15. Of course it's ugly.. beautifully ugly. Thats what makes it so epic.
  16. I'll share this here considering both topics are pretty much the same.
  17. My rogue: Over 3k def. Close to 2k mdef. Close to 3k hp. Close to 600 damage. Fetter > banner > 2 blows > dead. Interesting yes?
  18. Everyone knows legion is great for a challenge, lol. But yes, reduce the amount of heal slightly, and include a mass heal skill of the same calibre to a legion class. ( necro prefered.. their expert skills are not grand like some classes. Would be nice if they received something like it. )
  19. It's called forum maintenance. Question answered, no more point to the topic.. locked. see?
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