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  1. Mother ducker gms give back my account or I will rape you mom and sister I will search your location and will get in your house at night and will duck you too with your mom and sisters.give my account or face my fury mother duckers .l. son of a ♥♥♥♥♥ un block my accounts ]:> .l. poor shits.l. duckers. I will wait till night if didn't un block my accounts I am coming in your houses at night with my gang to gang bang you amateurs assholes. I am warning you snorlax ♥♥♥♥♥/ roland bastard/kutmitch duck face bann my access if you can ♥♥♥♥♥ I challenge you bastards I am coming at your house
  2. Well guys all noob sithlords and mcs crying because before update rogue and shamans where OP with there skills and now because of paladin game become balanced . They cant kill us in 10 secs now. Before update sithlords uses 4 rogues and 1 shaman in arena was it fair you greedy selfish btches . See your ranking before update 1000 fights and 950 wins . Now game has become balanced .
  3. Well its the first good skill for paladins out there. Before update paladins were one of rare and weak class but now many players making paladins and using miracle coins to amp them. I don't think its op skill you can avoid it . And any ways paladin is one of highly supportive character. Even shaman shield skill to op shamans are healer not damagers so firstly shamans skills should be nerfed . Now all classes are nearly balanced
  4. Well I don't think so its a mini boss 1.5m hp its not mini lol.
  5. If any one got new boss spawn,s costume plz post its image here we would like to see it how its look like. Ty
  6. Well pummy truth Is always sour you can't accept that you country is worst of all. You said kids and women are in threaten in our country . Well your country has the top rank of rape cases founded in any country. daily thousands of foreign/ indian females women got raped by your man . They rape womens in front of your public but non of your shemale comes to help those poor womens . Even tourist in your country got problem that your men after drinking alcohol start doing nasty things . Well every day hundreds of protests are maked against your pucking police they get in houses and raped youn
  7. Well pummy if I am using FALSE statements then plz google about you pm . How many times do I need to tell that you can't defend him . The person who using FALSE statements are you not me I have evidences about your pm even your own news channels reported it . And by the way who used this statement that no azan will be performed at the time of namaz fajr because it disturbs our sleep. Man your Pm wants real violence at your own country and your Pm can't stop akbaruddin saffi who is making movements against you terrorist mudi. And why would you not call Haffiz saeed a terrorist because he
  8. Well pummy you can't defend you great terrorist pm narinder mudi because many evidence have gotten in which says that narinder mudi was leading of that riot in gujrat even UK/US didn't gave him there visa to travel there after that riot and your supreme court is full of currupte members so there is possibility they maked him cleaned . If I am FALSE go see your narinder mudi statements . And about General pervaz musharf he was a great man and haffiz dared we love him he is our special defense force against terrorist people like you guys. We have changed our strategy after ur attacks on our coun
  9. Well pummy people are not blind I think your knowledge about your pm "narinder mudi" is low or you are trying to save him .your shitty lies cant make your pm a good man .He is one of the biggest terrorist among indians he killed thousand of muslims in gujrat and still want more muslims dead bodies. He want muslims eliminated from india that jerk don't like muslims . If I am wrong go get some shitty knowledge about you country problems . Giving comments on others Is easy first look in your home.And remember it "People who got houses of glass they don't throw stones on others"
  10. Pummy before talking about others country see urs. Ur country P.M is India's biggest terrorist . U shit ppl elected an illiterate jerk physco. Who just know how to use government for terrorism against innocent Muslim.
  11. Where the Fu*Ck my reply gone? I didn't abuse any one but still my reply removed!!!! R u guys gone mad??
  12. Hey fat pig don't eat d*icks of every reply so stfu Mother Fu*cker scammer
  13. Return my 160k gold or I will take u guys to the coat!!!. U. Guys mistook my gold !!!! I m serious return my gold. Or ready for 1 star at playstore. U FU*CKEN THEIFS
  14. Give us book of oblivion GM u guys waste our so much money. U people should first check skill then launch it. Btw when will maintance over?.
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