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  1. I made a thread like this in suggestions like 3 days ago :3 I'm glad your going with this I support it fully this should reward a small amount of arena points or cc or something too like 5cc or 20 arena points.
  2. Warspear is practically based on PvP so why not add something to compliment it , I bring you Bounty so basically a NPC in every town named "Bounty Giver" or something and here players can place a bounty for online players of the opposite faction and they place a reward , when a player places the bounty they put the reward amount and the amount of gold they put as the reward is automatically taken away. Players can go and accept the bounty and this is not only fun but gives players a chance to really ruin the opposite faction and reward skilled assassins with a gold-filled sweetness , I thoug
  3. I agree this would be very nice to have for arena toons.
  4. Shaman is suppose to be the mc version of Druid yet Druid is 4x better I think shaman should get new skills or attributes to make it equal to druid because of shaman would vs druid and they had equivalent stats the druid would win because druid has better skills.
  5. I think there should be more armor and weapons and not weapons that are better than each other just with different stats and looks for example : Let's say a level 13 purple sword has parry,atk speed, and cooldown stats I think there should be another level 13 sword same damage amount but with different stats like accuracy,dodge,atk speed and it looks different. It gets really boring looking at people with the exact same equips as you and it would be nice to have a unique look I'm not talking about just changing color of equips but really changing the design of the equips making each player
  6. Their respawn could go to the next nearest town and could notify the people that had their respawn there "Respawn has been changed to the nearest town because legion lost town control"
  7. I think it's perfect because every character is pretty much identical because there is NO variety in armors really so to really define a character and make them unique attribute points would really make them different.
  8. It would really bring variety to the game , everything is the same really sub-classes would be perfect give every player unique skill sets.
  9. I think he is saying if you kick a player you lose 50% GP that THE PLAYER made for THAT WEEK for example in a tournament a guild leader is greedy and kicks a player at last minute that has made 14k GP then when he kicks the player he loses 50% of GP that player made that week (7,000) GP
  10. It is pretty unfair , elfs are over populated and prosperous and yet they get better new skills and don't get drops that nobody on their side can use . I feel like you want mcs to be horrible because mcs don't really have any perks beside sneak for rogue which now sucks compared to new elf skills I mean really it isn't fair, do something for mc players .
  11. This game obviously doesn't appreciate the ideas of players so %@$ it come up with your own ideas.
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