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  1. Hello r0land. you said what we need send tickets... what to do if support dont answering? and ill gave all information needed, and send ticket even few times? :facepalm:
  2. Still no answer.... :facepalm:
  3. Hello my account Eiwex have been blocked. Can u make support replay me faster. thanks
  4. Hargor

    I repeat.

    But i and few other pp noticed. But still doesnt matter.
  5. Hargor

    I repeat.

    Yep, but after swamps released i think this problem become harder, location bug now happens more.
  6. Hargor

    I repeat.

    yea.... imagine if wow would lag like warspear :facepalm: Tibiame, order and chaos, Anruften... and other games... btw i think warspear earns enough money to pay for better servers... ok.. updates are slower than turtle... in update there is nothing big... server always lag even with wifi.. lots of bugs... so where is all the money... :facepalm: this game is so shity, but he have something, i dont know what, but its keeping me here for two years... :facepalm: And the game have some stupid thing too.... like mc/forsaken can get bow as a drop... elfs/chosen dark items... mc/forsaken sun...
  7. Hello snorlax, i know what i am doing wrong thing by creating topic here, but i want what u will see it (u can delete it or so, but answer me In private massage or so)... gm dont respond me for 2 weeks... [/size] my account have been blocked... there was my main character Eiwex, with all my gold best items, and all willingness to play... Unblock it, and let me join arinar again... i dont think that gm blocked it by no reason, maybe there was so, but couldnt be missunderstood or so? i think what i didnt do anything wrong.. and yes i read the rules on forum. maybe i can explain... I hoping u ca
  8. lol... ;D ok can he be unbounded or so?
  9. Hello devs or anyone who knows... how can i get cobra costume... i want it so badly... its perfect for me... epic... :'(
  10. Yes for now... but new island will be harder.. becouse then we will have minions and developers will do mobs and boss harder.. and ok in pvp outside arena. ppl can get minions from quests. but if someone got them form quests and buy 20x its unposible to win in one on one... imagine shaman with cat charmer... shaman heal+protection(earth)+shield+instant heal....Minions supposed to be not for all classes but for some of them like in other games. and it should be for all time and not for 20min. its supposed to have levels and so...
  11. 2 things who ruined the game... amplifying and minions... :facepalm:
  12. i got my shaman blocked too :facepalm: rogue is fine :facepalm: and dont braking any rules...
  13. its bullsh*t.... invisibility is rogues skill... :facepalm: its not fair... arena points and exp elixirs is stupid thing... minions too.... Rich ppl now will be stronger with minions, will lvlup faster and will get more ap.... crap... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
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