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  1. Once upon a time, in the city of Er-Sahil, the capital of the League of Chainless Trade Cities of Almahad, there was a guard named Al Debaran. Al Debaran was a descendant of the Jakkars, the ancient mentors of the human tribes who had once lived in the fruitful lands of the Almahad. His ancestors had passed on to him the knowledge of writing and constructing, as well as the importance of protecting their people and their city. Al Debaran took great pride in his heritage and his role as a guard. He knew that his job was crucial to the safety of the people of Er-Sahil, and he took his duties very seriously. He patrolled the streets day and night, watching over the marketplaces, and guarding the gates of the city. One day, while on patrol, Al Debaran saw a group of strangers who had just arrived in the city. They were tired and hungry, and Al Debaran could see that they had been traveling for a long time. Without hesitation, he offered to show them around the city and find them a place to stay. As they walked through the city, Al Debaran spoke of the rich history of the Almahad and how it had once been a great civilization built by the Jakkars. He pointed out the ruins of the ancient pyramids and ziggurats, and told them of the mystical cult of the Black Sun that had once flourished there. The strangers were fascinated by Al Debaran's stories, and they asked him many questions. Al Debaran was happy to answer them, feeling a sense of pride in his heritage. As the day turned to night, Al Debaran found the strangers a place to stay and bid them farewell. As he walked back to his post, he thought about the importance of his role as a guard. He knew that his duty was not only to protect the people of Er-Sahil from outside threats but also to welcome and aid those in need. Years later, when the War for the Spear broke out, Al Debaran was one of the first to volunteer for duty. He fought bravely alongside his fellow guards, knowing that the safety of his city and its people was at stake. Despite the dangers he faced, Al Debaran never lost sight of his duty to protect and serve. His legacy lived on long after he was gone, and his name became synonymous with courage, honor, and selflessness. He had taken his heritage and his role as a guard seriously, knowing that it was not only his job but also his duty to protect his people and his city.
  2. What is the monster classification? Normal ones? or could be mini boss, boss, or even raid boss?
  3. Charmer call skill is too overpowered, now the dogs get 90% dmg also more stat. Even at 70% damage they are already unbeatable in low lvl arena. This is so fking messed up
  4. Will i be teleported back to my current run mm dg? I got MM fatal retri armor i didnt take yet Server EU-Emerald, if not i would like to be compensated. Ty
  5. How long server down? Theres not even a notice. We need to be compensated
  6. I use my lvl 14 legion side (mc) , on eu emerald, i cant enter the tavern even tho i already take the dead man grins quest Haha wtf in title typo
  7. Stop ruining the balance on lower lvls bcs of higher lvl dramas. This game isnt all about high lvl
  8. 2 necromancer below lvl 20 in arena 2x2 is going to make you piss your pants
  9. i just wanna tell you about "account Blocking" in case someone get block or bann in warspear, and they contact the support. and after 1 week all clear, and Warspear give some Eula and Penalty like 2 weeks. Really? you give 2 weeks of block after you block it 1 week already? you already block the account like 1 week already and your eula and terms just about 2 weeks so its 3 or 4 weeks already. your eula is 2 weeks and you already blocking someone 1 or 2 weeks before they send you ticket, so if your eula 2 weeks just make it done when its done if the Problem was clea, becasue the player already get blocked for 2 weeks already before the case done. - someone get block, and he send ticket into support (and after email progress is take 1 week until clear) - and gm reply and said will block for 2 weeks. so it must be ( 2 week of eula - 1 week has passed = 1 week of blocking left.)
  10. i wanna ask any of moderator here... i Reported Something, i don't even know if it was a bug, glitch, or anything else. but when im going to exchange, buy, or doing transaction in wh they send me "Trading and exchanging of in-game items have been temporarily disabled due to technical reasons" in my game screen. and i report it so they send me a reply "Dear player, "Trading and exchanging of in-game items have been temporarily disabled due to technical reasons. Please retry in 1 hour. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is an automatic message. Please, don't reply to it." i report it in Thu, Nov 5, 2020 and its already more than 1 hour. and i always doin Monthly Report, and still not fix yet. so GM, or Almighty GM, if its Forever Just tell me, im so tired of waiting... since 5 Nov 2020. and you not fix it yet, or 1 hour in your time is different with 1 hour of mine? and i start topic here because System always reply me with ""Trading and exchanging of in-game items have been temporarily disabled due to technical reasons. Please retry in 1 hour. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is an automatic message. Please, don't reply to it." am i mad?, ofc im mad... or i need to give money for penalty that i never know whats wrong? if this happend to you, u will be so mad maybe more mad than me. so please reply, or fix the problem... if there is about money, i can give you. becasue it's almost 1 year, and cant hold it anyore.
  11. Damn This is The most cool Costume i ever seen 😳😳😳😳😳😍
  12. U Want us to buy relic , And u make us noob Then all player must buy the relic
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