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  1. Barb gain a aoe taunt,Bd gain a aoe "charge" stun.Bd aoe stun+hamstring=2 stun for a meele class. Aoe gouge for Druid,awesome Priest skill. Back to neverwinter.
  2. Old. So long that I don't play warspear,I'll wait my brother to do more arenas.Now healers can't cry saying wls are op.
  3. Such a pro.1º-PICTURE 2-We have the same "mini-war"(mob elves vs mob mcs) above t5. 2º-Close to astral gate on mc side we have a cave full of fb/chosen mobs. 3º-Maybe you wanna talk about city design?Look how shameful are mc guards and how powerful elven guards are. 4º-Map design?Whoever made that stair on t4(elves) was a pro. 5º-All the other places in pictures we have to go through the glorious ladder. 6º-Just removing the "safe heaven" with this picture
  4. Excellent job as always! :facepalm: Ps:It happened after changing party leader,idk if that's the problem.
  5. ;D Words can't explain this feeling.
  6. Never said I'm a super hero,just for prove elven classes are powerful.They are the same lv of my ranger,i'm on random party,they on caster party,look the damage of my team,they all rushed to circle,died like flies. If you have a char on sapphire,tell me ur name,let's see that "stupidity",use your brain,little boy.
  7. Elf so weak gm. :cray: NeRfI wArLoCk PlOxxxxxxx. Can't wait for update and still kill brainless shitheads with 0 dmg on warlock.
  8. 1-5x5 destroy ur brain 2-Druid or Warlock,always a noob 3-weak ranger
  9. First:You have a warlock? Second:You know what imobilized means? third:You have more than 12 years old?
  10. Random dude:crap,horrible,worst thing on world,bla bla bla... That's a personal opinion?Yes of course,i never said it wasn't,but like i said,you have to know HOW you express yourself. Critiques are welcome, but not this way,these comments are totally unnecessary and only show how morons these people are. And yes, it is an insult, calling his work these things. You, little guy, need to "" know the difference of Merely expressing an opnion and insulting someone. "" Not me. Imagine everyone saying what they want,"expressing their opinions",we will have a 3rd world war. And judges are professionals, they should have their criteria. They're not 12 yers old boys, angry for not won the prize, they have experience in their work. It was just a example :facepalm:
  11. Really,so to express my opinion I have to use insults? And if I want to express myself about your face? And I dn't like it? I will insult too? Critiques are healthy to a certain extent, if you start insulting without any arguments, just shows how stupid you are. I liked the costume, no long stories, it's simple and cool, that s what the devs seek.
  12. Croco ftw. I see many jealous people hating lol.
  13. Ranged>MeelePlay with rogue and try kill 3 pro druids,same history. I'm not saying all the elves are stupid,i said the MOST,and i'm not lying about it,but some elves are really strong and have a awesome team work.
  14. Yeah,i will lv up my ranger,and you suck,just killed you,like a fly,brainless player,rush in circle,no team work with partner,like 90% of the elves crying about warlocks.
  15. You complaining about warlocks,but wanna make then faster.HUUHEHUEUHEHUEUHUHE make meeles slower? Druids weak on arena? Wtf,ducking brainless elven players, I have a lv 17 ranger,and the only reason elves lose so much on arena is because,MOST ELVES are ducking noobs,without weapons,with low lv equips,without team work,me and my bro with some friends did like 50x times arena on 15-18,in the end it was 48/50 wins.You suck. Go play tetris.
  16. "Pro skills" Lmao,5 casters vs. some random elves and think they pro. Don't need equips to kill random elves with casters*. That's the right to say.
  17. ranger so weak :( plz devs nerf warlock/shamans plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,i'm so sad :'( . (random elves vs warlock/shaman pt) random fight against mcs. Can't wait for lv 20 on my ranger :)
  18. Warlocks are destroying their brains So stupid that they can't understand that if it modifies the effect of dark circle, warlock will be a shaman without heal and a crap "blind". And yes,warlock is powerful,but if you're skilled,you will have no problems. I have a barb,warlock,rogue,shaman lv 20 necro ,mage lv 10 ranger lv 16. And I never have trouble killing warlocks. For the random "but I'm a cloth user,i have a low def huhuhu..."Common,maybe u just new in game,or some random dude trying be badass,but u just stupid if u say it's a excuse. cloth user>low def>better stuns skills,not only on warspear,chill out bro.You just suck,bah.
  19. Disagree,a cloth user without stun is just a "mob",low atk speed,low def. If chain fails,mage will die faster than he already dies. Maybe just tank classes that can use shield,can resist to stuns on %(pala,dk,barb) The best way to balance things is new skills,maybe with new skills,meeles can have a chance to resist to stuns,but not like that,on %.
  20. And was only 1 fight :shok: Can't imagine then at 2x2. They will rage quit game
  21. Lmao,so bad i didn't take screen when i win shit partys,also,i did'nt see any xherorock on party.You can say what you want,just look at "u just fast","bad connection". Common excuses for losing a match.
  22. Random dudes of thecrimsom guild showing of their true face after losing to a random party on VOLCANO MAP(5 CASTERS ON THEIR TEAM)i love my shaman (: Ps:I called then noobs,still don't got to see what i did wrong.
  23. I just wanna ask if this is a bug or something else. When i open a mail and click to put it in bag,and i don't have any free slot,the mail magically disappear. This already happened on my shaman with daily gifts and now with my barb(surprise chests),i'm don't asking new chests,gifts,i just wanna know if this is a bug,and hope it will get removed
  24. Elves so smart. "Mc is op"...alright...
  25. People buy signs with mcoins Mcoins=real money THEIR money T H E I R They can sell for 10k,50k,500k,if you don't happy with it,DIE!You don't make the rules. Want signs?Mcoins itens?BUY MCoins! Sms disabled in your contry?Sad. Money is easy now, i can make more than 300k if im lucky in a week, in the past? Would be lucky if I make 40k. Swamps and arena items(lv 17)destroyed the economy. Want to blame someone? Blame the developersStop complaying if you can play this game >>FREE
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