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  1. by the way the proper word is kiting. Rouges do this so they can regenerate hp so that they can win a 1v1 with low hp. It's incredibly annoying. Druids do much the same thing.
  2. We all know he's gonna come back tommorow right?
  3. I might want to clarify that in the beginning it's not as nessesary to get mccoins. I played free to play mmorpgs before and yes I know a lot of them have these types of shops. Devs were smart and got us addicted to the game before we needed mccoins. It seems as if every solution involves mccoins from lvl 12 and up, from the lvl 12 weapens not able to be enchanted with dull crystals so the devs push us to the mccoin ones, to the arena success rate dependent on your gear. Even xp bottles and arena points bottles unable to be obtained by stuff none other by real money. Sure some of them are sold for gold by others, but beneath that chain of people laid real money. I managed to get to high levels with a Druid, but my next goals involve good gear, and those cost much. I can't get guiding thread armor using income from quests - it's too slow, and burns durability on my stuff which costs gold to repair, or grind which is much the same. Mccoins seem too compared to everything else. Devs even put in repair scrolls that cost mccoins which once again leads to spending real money. And you guys may ask why I don't stop playing right? Because I devoted far too much time in this game, much like everyone else before they needed mccoins.
  4. I said maybe increase the spheres price but remove the signs but 100% success rate. But then again we'd have to worry about the spheres in the world right now.
  5. I do believe that if the game ends up like when everyone's the same level, and same equip, it's gonna be quite boring, but what if the game is more decision based? Sorta like a new approach. RPGs stand for role playing game, so decisions and storyline should play a huge role in the game. Perhaps add more outcomes for when you're level 20 and decision specific quests. If you have a game where everyone has the same quests, you end up in the same place as everyone else. Not only that, you should get xp from mobs, so depending on how much you grind before you get to lvl 20, you'll be unique in your own specific way. Not only that, there should be more ways to grind. Preset levels much like astral, except you can solo it and end up where you want in the EARLY levels.
  6. I'm not saying they should work for free, it's just it costs too much for us to amplify. Some people like me try to avoid it, but you really can't get anywhere without it. I paid maybe 10 bucks total getting stuff. Can't there be another solution? What if the game costs like 5 bucks in the App Store but remove mccoin shop. They'll still work full time with tons of pay. I might have people on board with me that don't have a voice but someone's gotta say something about it, even though I might sound stupid saying this.
  7. I understand that some users have already spent countless amounts of money on this game, and they may not want to change a thing, but I think the game is currently too much like whoever pays the most money wins. Please choose the poll that you think is starting to become just a tiny bit bearable, otherwise the poll will be pointless. I feel new users are being ripped off when they try amp their weapons and burn far too much money.
  8. Ever since the 3.0 update, the Firstborn and Chosen faction has been losing badly to the Mountain Clans and Forsaken in arena 5v5. I believe the main reason for this is the warlock. It has an area of effect stun that if you max it, it could last until it's a 5v3 game. Second, I think that different classes should move at a different pace than other ones. Although it may further complicate the game, I think arena is far too bland right now. Mages, rangers, warlocks, and rouges should move faster than the others, since they have light armor and some of them are built for kiting. Tanks such as bladedancers, barbarians, paladins, and deathknights should move slower, and to make them a bit stronger for that, buff their gapclosers and stuns. For druids, and maybe some other classes (I don't know many of them) spell animations get in the way of the game. Sometimes, I'd rather not heal my allies because it takes time for my spell animations for healing to finish, but leave some spell animations there. This makes the support aspect of the druids greatly worse. I feel this is a great way to buff the druids, one of the weakest classes in arena.
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