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  1. So when are you updating the game for iOS? Cant see what any of the relics do.
  2. I emailed support about 4 weeks ago with my details to recover my account they got back in 2 weeks asking for more information so I sent it 2 more weeks pass and still no word about my account. Is there something wrong or just a long waiting list for support?
  3. Is it just me or do locks not have many options? In the 2/4 pictures there not many for locks
  4. Seems to be glitched on my iPad but works on my phone - lock the topic please
  5. The £15 for 2010 mcoins say +124% but new mcoin value is 3000. 124% of 2000 = 2500 + 2000 = 4500 mcoins is this wrong? Don't want to buy it since it's less than expected
  6. "The game isn't based on one class beating another" so it's based on BDs being able to kill whole parties of people and soloing bosses that should not even be remotely possible solo.
  7. I would be willing to stream warspear if the developers supported me by publicising my name. After all, the bigger a channel is the more likely people are to click on it and see what is happening. So if people who play the game currently were watching, new people would be more likely to watch then decide to play the game as well if they liked it. I'm surprised warspear don't support streamers or youtubers - most games do.
  8. Some of the deals are impossible to complete the mini games that are worth like 2k mcoins seem simple but its actually impossible to do
  9. Hi, I put those words in inverted commas because it never works for me i don't know if anyone else is having this problem but i follow all the steps, download apps, sign up for surveys whatever and i never get anything in game. Someone tell me what im doing wrong please?
  10. Wow ungrateful much (unless it isn't actually your birthday)
  11. Greek If you were in a zombie apocalypse how long do you think you would survive?
  12. Can an admin respond please id like to buy mcoins sooner rather than later..
  13. On my ipad it says i get 3000 mcoins for £15 however, on the website it says £15 on paypal gives 4500. Has app store not been given +50% yet or i this meant to be?
  14. Why no battles at the weekends surely that is when most people are online?
  15. Mental pit never resists (in my experience) on level 1 it reduces 10% dmg and at level 4 it reduces 40% dmg ish. Lasts around 14 seconds on level 4 i think with reasonable cooldown. I have it on 3/4 and it makes enemy skills cooldown much longer, druids are left without heal for about 5 seconds. All in all a great skill.
  16. So you know how the totem you have to defend has health, is it possible for necros/ priests or shamans and druids to heal said totem?
  17. I agree, should have no parameters.
  18. Post your halloween treasures here and how much you made from them or if you kept them. I'm talking about costumes, rings, weapons, cloaks, amulats - you name it! If you deem it valuable post it here and make others jealous. Thanks :3
  19. Move this to suggestions so devs actually see it good skill idea we need another heal considering elfs have 2 mass heal skills now
  20. I mean heck we have a skill that deals dmg after the enemy is dead (infection) what use is that haha. I know it adds dmg infection is actually the only useful expert skill for necro just it should deal dmg too not after the enemy dies.
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