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  1. sorry but i only help girls. :dirol:
  2. im more interested in crafting than lv caps, new map, etc. i wanna see how crafting works here in warspear. cuz in my past mmorpg game there is also crafting, which is used to make leather armor and accesories. we kill certain animals to get hides, we will tan it and then craft into leather gears. we mine to get silver and gold ore, we will turn it into bars and then mold it into ring or amulet. there is also smithing but thats different story. lol. :spiteful:
  3. aura = great foj = good heal = gay better remove heal and replace it with something for men. cuz heal is for gays.
  4. while waiting for other guildmates to come, i saw an old friend and took a snapshot. ;D
  5. :facepalm: it wasnt a clone or something. its called alliance between phgodz mc and phgods elf. let the leader handle it. :facepalm:
  6. in alliance chat, u can still see the msgs of the person u put in ignore list. kinda annoying. :facepalm:
  7. i installed 3.5 in my win7 with no problem. uninstall older version then install the new one.
  8. :shok: yes its 23. amazing u still remember it. guess girls really have a good memory. :give_rose: ugh i told u i aint kalbo. it is called bagung ahit. :cray:
  9. we already have dual mace, dual axe. so how bout dual schyte? :dirol:
  10. i dont need win so i go 100% random on both sides. and about not less than 50% winning percentage. :facepalm:
  11. even in dmg cant be clearly seen. i think its because of the ingame font.
  12. oic. anyway i play both sides so see u there. :dirol:
  13. welcome to sapphire tart. see u in map 2. :spiteful: btw i cant stop looking at those rocks. lol. :dirol:
  14. wow nice stones. btw which server u are? :dirol:
  15. highflow


    this kind of poll never dies. i wanna see a poll like who is the richest ranger. lol.
  16. i would have to go with unbiding scroll. as im not mcoin fanatic. meaning i dont buy mcoin. :facepalm:
  17. probly the four class ive created. :spiteful:
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