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  1. Hi there bro.. reminisce? it's great to see you again. dont forget to mention your videos on youtube bout your old fights.
  2. becareful with BDs RUSH(chance to stun) :wacko: -->FLASH STRIKE-->normal hit--HAMSTRING(chance to stun) :wacko: --normal hit-->SAP-->FLASH STRIKE-->RUSH(chance to stun) :wacko: -->normal hit-->FLASH STRIKE-->HAMSTRING(chance to stun) :wacko: ENdless STUN lmao.
  3. LOL ... it won't be long also for many us to say our goodbyes and me as well. :facepalm: good luck to us all. :drinks:
  4. lol thanks nes, yeah i wish we could wear this in the game too somehow, even if i don't win. :pardon: :friends:
  5. Thank's syxcs :give_rose: :nea: I ran out of time, that's y i made it just simple & edited in 1 hour :facepalm: :pardon: i was hoping much better creation, i guess this'll just do it for now. :unknw:
  6. The Suit of Magician's Apprentice comes with a Black Hat (with personalized silver beaded belt) Black Coat Bow Tie Black Pants & Skirt White Shirt White Gloves Black Shoes This suit looks best on casters. hope you like it :facepalm: ;D :pardon:
  7. lol the middle one looks like Megatron of TRANSFORMERS ;D
  8. Cool ;D another opportunity to get free mcoins as a reward :yahoo: Thank you :crazy:
  9. I highly suggest that the Unbinding would be also available at mcoin shop, should be [unbinding Scroll] or something. In this way, those who don't have miracle coins will also be able to unbind their personal items and sell it, especially when they have new items to use, and will also help/give them an extra space in their bags as well by buying the "scroll" from those who have mcoins. Thank you :)
  10. i had mine too,crystals & runes. unfortunately lvl18 items & critical enchantments/great charms era has come, & i have no choice but to sell it (cheap) :facepalm: .. & lol panchen ;D where's my old runes that you bought from me?
  11. Remove the music, and fix the lagging issues. Stop adding features, just fix some main issues first. Too bad for those who are at the swamps, dies when lagging and dc comes in the scene. Some say they always got succesful log-in in the 3rd time/attempt. Guess its not from their network or internet providers. Pls fix a.s.a.p. its getting worse
  12. Haha u panget..ako pogi Thanks. I know its not good enough. I still have another 1, but only 1 must be posted..so enjoy hehe
  13. Description: WINGS - Represents Freedom SWORD - Represents Justice SHIELD- Represents Protection 4 Seals of Factions - Represents Unity & Humility 2 Lions - Represents Teamwork & Strength CROWN - Represents Ruler ship LIGHT - Represents Endless Glory
  14. Of all the item's and everything, what's missing? Hope you guys love this.. Thank you :)
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