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  1. how am i a internet gangster or wigger? lol.. you're just made cause you suck :P
  2. He wont fight me anymore cause i own him :)
  3. pvprange you still havent beat me in pvp yet. rogues suck? you get beat by a rouge. so technically you suck.. lol :blush:
  4. kick in the back? what is this you mean? :wacko:
  5. im always down to fight anyone. so, let me know :D 8)
  6. lmao if they shut warspear down i better get my money back.. or atleast the would be kind enough to switch our characters over to emerald.......
  7. hahaha ive spent well over 600$ on this game.. they better have met their requirements lmao
  8. pvprange did bring all of this upon himself bro.. he gets on mountain clan and talks maaaad crap to EVERYONE.. i have no respect for him.
  9. why is it so hard to fix such a small problem? at first it was dc every 30 minutes. now you have to log in at some certain time. ive put too much money into this game for it to be like this. :facepalm:
  10. Tylerrogue


    ill 1v1 anyone :) its all for fun.
  11. im always on the first map helping out with boses once every week.
  12. im glad i never got cc armor :D
  13. make sure u obey pvp cave rules also.. or you will die >_
  14. my arena belt just goes back to 0 if my amp fails. its done it 2 times. but now im high amped so im not gonna risk it :P
  15. Ahahahaha im gonna have to get some more amps on my gear.. :)
  16. all the supporters are the old time players. none of the new players respect the cave rules. just today ive been jumped 5 times in 30 minutes by 18- players.. its getting stupid..
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