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  1. Everyone if you wanna gank please do it outside of the cave... its the only place we can see who is the bewt of PvP. :tease:
  3. New account. Add my lvl 19 Tylerogue. Only 1 r :D
  4. Lmao!! Male you were pming her saying hiw sexy she was and how bad u wanted to hold her... she showed me the whole convo lmfao... its a shame how ignorant you are..
  5. Laff i got a pic of u girl on kik.. lmao.. she is ugly af... im not leaving Texas to go to flint? Lmao.. just come here
  6. And if you get so butt hurt over a game.. dont play?.. every game u play there will be someone to make the game more excoting causing drama... its all fun in games.. if yall wanna meet up and fight over a gane im. 100% to meet up cauee thats fun too.. ;)
  7. I heard my name? ;) only reason we group together is because a bunch of you fags like to bash up on the same person. The only reason we talk shit in game because if we didnt the game wouldnt be near as fun.. Most people take it to serious.. lol... but no seriiusly laffette.. you are ignorant and ur gf is ugly as hell so i wouldnt brag about havig one... :pleasantry:
  8. Lmfao you have NEVER killed me. Nor you have offered a one on one cause when i ask you put me on ignore. I go to elf side and you pot 3 steps away from spawn statue to avoid dying my me and u still die.. you are a sorry piece dude...
  9. bro my money is all hard earned. i dont have to prove to anyone :) let them haters hate is all i can say hahaha
  10. i work everyday to... i dont just sit around all day doing nothing... im always at my shop doing paper work and getting new parts for my business.. :facepalm:
  11. i remember when everyone bought those grills from them rag head in the mall in the 6th grade lmfao
  12. i didnt say that.. but im not poor. ;)
  13. ok guy.. i have my own oil company that I own. yes ME.. i have more money than i could have ever imigined. when my dad passed i took over the company. i got over 50 million dollars. 100k isnt anything to me. i know this. k? ;)
  14. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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