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  1. :clapping: Mike and Chris are retarded.
  2. ladydruid

    Kitty Clan

    ZHY :facepalm: I thought you quit crazy bastard, are you back for a day to quit again tomorrow? and of course manley will join anything that refers to a woman. good job... :drinks:
  3. Now that everyone has listened to me on how to farm eye for weapons.. nobody care about baton level 17 ... Mc will all have baton of sudden doom.. elfs will always have 0... who cares what boss you kill before update :P lab was easy before update.. now its to hard for most people.. sorry u don't ever havre level 18 hood armor or staff.....
  4. :facepalm: eisha u know your party pulled mobs to the right on me many times.. mainly you.. u don't need to lie to kick it. I wouldn't dream of wanting a party with u or sono again after all your shit. saffo probably had the same problem. you deserve to be killee anyway with how much u run ur mouth..guess u need a bigger [email protected]%* then sonos in your mouth to shut ur lieing dirty mouth up.. get told movie star :wacko:
  5. I vote kegogi which means marinated dog lol I also like gapingvag
  6. :search: U know how hard it is to try to pose with,a real bow :clapping: string is not meant to stay pulled back until camera is focused lol. I will never plan that as a pic again. Plus no,kitty ears threw.my pic of, i procrastinate and didn't get the Pic I really wanted.. kitty archer black kitty. lol tail doesn't even match so I did bad. Maybe they will gift me loser box. tannex picture was good too we should allow it in contest :rofl:
  7. fail US time is still May 2ND lol 537 PM MST :P technically I submitted before May 3RD for me
  8. My chocobo stole my game now your doomed. :blush:
  9. Awww I wanna come steal your gaming setup :aggressive:
  10. agreed nough said :good:
  11. Pliskin philliplou Savageking Sonofman is only good for damage he wears leather gear for lab not good tank. but I guuess when u spend 300$ for +10 swords hhaha
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